Shania Twain Wishes She Was ‘Celebrating’ in Vegas on 1-Year Anniversary of Residency Opening

by Jennifer Shea
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Country star Shania Twain is wistful about the plans the pandemic wrecked.

As this year draws to a close, she is thinking about what might have happened in Vegas if it weren’t for the coronavirus.

Twain Reflects on Missed Residency

“One year since we opened my Let’s Go! Vegas Residency at @phvegas’ @ZapposTheater,” Twain posted to Instagram on Sunday. “It feels weird to be reflecting on that night, while I’m at home in Switzerland, I should have been in Vegas right now celebrating another year with you all. I’m optimistic we can be reunited in 2021 and fill the room with celebration and love once again. Look after each other, I’ll see you all soon.”

Twain’s Las Vegas residency opened on Dec. 6, 2019. She initially extended it in February of this year, adding new shows from August to December.

“Everybody knows that Vegas is awesome and it’s only getting better,” Twain had said, according to Fox News. “Not everybody gets invited to do a residency and certainly not a long-term residency. It’s one thing to go and do six shows or something like that, but when you’re in a long-term residency, it’s a commitment. A really big commitment.” 

A Residency Postponed

Then, in April, Twain put her residency on hold until August. In an April 11 statement, Billboard reported, she canceled her May and June shows “in accordance with CDC recommendations regarding events.”

“For now it’s time to stay home,” Twain said at that time.

Of course, with the pandemic still raging in August, Twain never made it back to Vegas. Her website has yet to be updated to reflect the pandemic’s effect on her residency dates.

But that hasn’t stopped Las Vegas from including Twain in its new promotional campaign. The campaign’s slogan is “What Happens Here, Only Happens Here.”

What’s not happening there is Twain’s residency. But she can hold out hope for 2021.