Sharon Osbourne Tributes Randy Rhoads on 40th Anniversary of His Death

by Anna Dunn

Sharon Osbourne just paid tribute to Randy Rhoads on the 40th anniversary of his death. Sharon Osbourne was friends with the famous guitarist who played with Ozzy Osbourne. Rhoads passed away in 1982 in a plane crash while on tour in Florida.

In a Tweet, Sharon shared an old picture featuring Rhoads and wrote “Feels like yesterday…we miss you everyday (heart emoji).”

Sharon Osbourne was with The Band the Night Randy Rhoads Passed Away

Rhoads played his last show on March 18th 1982 before the tragic crash. He was just 25 when he died, after taking an unauthorized flight with some friends to take pictures of the landscape for his mom. Their tour bus stopped at a property to fix an AC unit. The plane clipped the tour bus, and killed everyone on board. Sharon Osbourne was asleep on the bus.

Rhoads had just gotten his start when he died. But he still left an important legacy. His incredibly quick solos helped define the metal sound of the 80s. And his playing still has its influences on music.

Bandmate Rudy Sarzo Reccalled The Fatal Crash 40 years Later

Bandmate and friend Rudy Sarzo recently spoke with Yahoo! Entertainment. Sarzo recently wrote a book about his experiences touring with Ozzy Osbourne and the band. The book,  Off the Rails: Aboard the Crazy Train in the Blizzard of Ozz, heavily focused on his bond with Rhoads. He found that Rhoads was the one who really took it to the next level creatively.

“Randy was an incredibly creative human being,” Sarzo marvels. “You know, when you spend your days on tour recreating [an album onstage], you’re not creating anymore; you’re recreating what you just did. And that did not work for Randy. He needed the outlet to be creative every single day. So, what he would do is he would perform variations. He would take what he recorded to the next level, every single night. He decided he was going to play a little bit differently every night, just for the sake of being creative.”

Sarzo was on the bus the night of the crash.

“After Randy Rhoads died, nothing was ever the same again. My reference of being with Ozzy was Randy. He’s the one that got me in the band,” he said. While Sharon and Ozzy were good to him, Sarzo felt a deep bond with Rhoads, who came from a similar background.

“So, once he wasn’t there anymore, I lost my family within Ozzy. I’m not saying that Sharon and Ozzy were not wonderful with me, because they were. But they were very, very different from me. Randy and I basically came from the same background,” he continued. “When Randy passed away, it was very difficult, to say the least, to continue without him.”