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Singer-Songwriter Stephanie Quayle Releases Concept Lyric Video For Latest Single ‘By Heart’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Attention country music fans! Singer-songwriter Stephanie Quayle just released a concept lyric video for her newest single, “By Heart.” And, chances are you’re going to love the song from one of country music’s hottest rising stars.

According to a press release issued on Friday (Jan. 22), the new track “highlights the complicated simplicity of love.” It is available for streaming on a variety of music outlets.

The single was recorded almost entirely virtually during COVID-19 with producer Alex Kline, one of Nashville’s most prominent female producers. The press release says the new track represents a change in Stephanie Quayle’s musical journey.

“This is the first release from a forthcoming collection of songs that is sure to cement her place in country music as an artist who authentically carries the genre’s roots into the contemporary landscape of today,” the press release also says.

You can watch Stephanie Quayle’s new concept lyric video for “By Heart” below. In it, she shows fans views from her home state of Montana as she sings the new song.

Stephanie Quayle Opens Up About New Single ‘By Heart’ in Outsider Exclusive

In the weeks leading up to the release of the video for “By Heart,” Stephanie Quayle talked exclusively with Outsider.com about the single.

“You get pitched songs all the time,” Quayle told Outsider’s Hunter Miller. “And as a songwriter when you can find a song that feels like you and sounds like you but you didn’t write, it’s kind of a surreal experience. I listened to it and just became obsessed. I always say, ‘When a song can change your chemistry, there’s something there.'”

Quayle didn’t write “By Heart,” but she instantly connected with the piece. Sitting in her hotel room in New Orleans, Quayle started strumming along to the song. She found herself entranced by this song about the joys of love and discovering new things about your significant other.

And, she knew she wanted to record it. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Quayle found herself in limbo. In conversations with her producer, she decided to record “By Heart” remotely. While that was a challenging process, Stephanie Quayle and her team made it happen.

“To have musicians in their home studios being able to patch in and interface that way, it’s just kind of bonkers,” Quayle said. “When I look back at 2020, I have such an appreciation for our technologies and abilities to stay connected. It was the craziest year of all of our lives.”

That crazy year has produced a great new song.

Quayle Has Personal Connection to Hit Show ‘Yellowstone’

When she isn’t creating future county music hits, Stephanie Quayle says she enjoys watching the hit television show “Yellowstone.” In fact, during the third season she had extra incentive to watch it. Her stepson appeared as an extra on the show.

The singer also enjoys the show because it makes her feel connected to her home state. She was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana.

“I’m originally from Bozeman, which is the town that’s depicted a lot in the show,” Quayle told Outsider’s Hunter Miller. “But where our place is in Montana is out in Paradise Vally, which is also a topic of discussion.”

The show makes her feel nostalgic as well

“It’s become a family show within our family,” Quayle previously said. “With me being from Montana, I love watching it because I grew up on a farm. So the horses and the drama and all that’s great too. But I love just getting to see Montana. It’s beautiful.”

When “Yellowstone” returns for Season 4, Quayle will likely be among millions of viewers waiting to see how that cliffhanger resolves itself.