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Stephen King Heaps High Praise on Eric Church’s New Album

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Lamparski/WireImage/Getty Images

While Stephen King may not be a country music artist himself, he is a masterful storyteller.

He has sold over 350 million books during his career. On top of that, several of his stories have been adapted into movies, television shows, or miniseries. Stephen King can certainly spot a good storyteller.

On Twitter, he spoke highly of Eric Church and his new album. He wrote quite simply, “The new Eric Church album is awesome.”

Eric Church has recently released the beginning of a three-part album series. The albums are dubbed “Heart & Soul” when all played together.

According to Rolling Stone, he recorded this triple album while on a monthlong retreat to a North Carolina mountain town. The “Heart” album was available on April 16 and the “Soul” is available on April 23. The “&” album is only available to members of the Church Choir. The Choir is a paid membership on Church’s site that costs $35 a year. Members get access to exclusive material and deals.

Altogether, it’s a massive project. Church is hoping that he can hit the road again in late 2021. Church said that is dependent on people getting the vaccine so he can “strap on a guitar and have people there that I can shake a hand with.”

The first part of his album contains nine songs. The album’s first song is “Heart on Fire.” The “Heart” album also contains the against-the-grain hit, “Stick That in Your Country Song.”

It’ll be interesting to know what Stephen King thinks of the other two parts of the series.

Stephen King and Taylor Swift

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift has written songs about people she has met throughout her life. It’s a natural part of songwriting.

She has been constantly questioned by the media on who and what her songs are about exactly. Swift has also been criticized for writing about her past relationships. Swift has made it clear she’s sick of this double standard she is subjected to constantly. But she’s made jokes as well.

Taylor Swift recently joked that her song “Hey Stephen” is about Stephen King.

She said to Stephen Colbert with a hilariously deadpan expression that “‘Hey Stephen’ is about Stephen King.”

“Yes, he’s amazing. ‘The Dark Towers’ series changed my life, plus ‘The Shining,’ ‘The Stand,’ and don’t even get me started on his short stories.” Stephen Colbert didn’t believe what he was hearing. However, odds are he was upset that he wasn’t the Stephen she was referring to in the hit song.