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Steve Martin Jokes About Dolly Parton Following News of Her Generous Vaccine Donations

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Sean Zanni / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Comedian Steve Martin has taken to Twitter to joke about Dolly Parton’s generous donation to the COVID-19 vaccination. 

Dolly Parton donated more than a million dollars to coronavirus research to Vanderbilt University back in April. She made the donation in honor of a doctor she became close with at the medical center. Parton was once in a car accident that left her seeking medical advice from Naji Adumrad, an MD and professor of surgery at Vanderbilt. The two then became close friends. 

Steve Martin on Twitter

Steve Martin took to Twitter to joke about the iconic country singer‘s donation. 

“I imagine Dolly Parton sitting in a quiet room, manipulating RNA while writing a hit song.”

The tweet has taken off with over 7,500 retweets, 700 quote tweets, and 117,500 likes, as of Thursday morning.

Steve Martin boasts more than 8.7 million followers on Twitter, and many commented on the post their ideas for new lyrics for the singer.

Dolly Parton and the Moderna Vaccine

Parton’s large donation helped fund Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, with her name appearing on the preliminary reports as one of the sponsors. Other names appearing on the report are the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Emory University. She also asks fans to donate to the University’s Medical Center, which has raised more than $98,000. 

According to a statement from the company this week, the Moderna vaccine is roughly 94.5 percent effective at preventing the virus. Moderna also said that the vaccine should be ready for distribution as early as December.

In addition, Dr. Fauci, the head of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases, said that healthcare workers would receive the vaccine first, as well as high-risk groups such as older adults and immunocompromised individuals. 

Today the number of Americans with positive cases of COVID-19 has reached over 11.2 million people, while nearly 250,000 of them have resulted in death.