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Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton Might’ve Just Posted the Most Legendary Studio Session Pic of All Time

by Craig Garrett
Dolly Parton
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

On Dolly Parton’s birthday Thursday, rocker Stevie Nicks hinted at a collaboration with the “Jolene” singer on Twitter. The Fleetwood Mac singer posted a photo of her and the country music legend side by side at a recording studio. The backside of Nicks’ head was in view along with Parton’s signature platinum-blonde hair.

“Happy Birthday to my new friend, Dolly! Had so much fun singing with you!” Nicks wrote alongside the image. Of course, fans on social media lost their minds at the prospect of the two music icons joining forces. “This might be the most iconic studio session of all time!”, one fan gushed. “Can’t wait for the results!” another fan wrote.

One Parton fan noted the special day that the Tweet dropped.”Awesome! Two legends together make for an incredible Happy Birthday!!! Dolly Parton, I hope you are having an epic birthday!” Finally, one tweet summed up what a lot of folks were thinking. “I love seeing 2 of my favorite ICONIC ladies together.” Nicks’ tweet has been seen 2.6 million times of this writing.

More details on Dolly Parton’s new album ‘Rock Star’

On a recent appearance on The View, Parton elaborated on her reasoning behind a rock-infused album. “If I’m going to be in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, I better do something to earn it,” she explained. “So I’m doing a rock ‘n’ roll album and I’m having a lot of the rock stars that I met that night be on the album with me.”

Parton divulged that she and Sir Paul McCartney had already recorded a duet. She also revealed that a song featuring Nicks was completed the night before her The View appearance. She expressed earlier that the record, called Rock Star, would be released sometime in 2023 although no specific date has yet been announced.

Parton confirmed that the upcoming album will also feature contributions from John Fogerty, Pink, and Brandi Carlile. Comprised of rock covers and new music, the collection will also boast Steve Perry and Steven Tyler as contributors.

On The View she excitedly shared her plans for a Rolling Stones hit, saying that Mick Jagger was invited to take part in the project. However, it will now consist of Pink and Brandi Carlile joining her on their rendition of “Satisfaction”. Pink and Carlile came together to honor Parton at her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony this past fall.

Initially, Parton had rejected the induction due to other country music artists who she believed were more deserving. Nonetheless, people passionately campaigned for her and in November she was finally inducted. The process obviously inspired Dolly to earn her rock title, leading to this upcoming album.