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Sturgill Simpson Announces He Ruptured His Vocal Cords and Must Take a ‘Long Hot Minute’ Off

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images)

Last weekend, Sturgill Simpson canceled his remaining fall tour dates. This came after he pulled out of Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Music Festival Tour. At the time, Simpson was experiencing some vocal issues. However, he hoped that it was just a sore throat from inhaling smoke from a bonfire made from treated lumber. On the other hand, he thought it might have been a strain from playing too many shows in a row after a long period of absence from the stage. Either way, it was bad news for Simpson and his fans.

Last night, Sturgill Simpson took to Instagram to deliver even worse news. He sustained a pretty serious vocal injury. In the post, he says, “Welp, turns out I did in fact, unfortunately, hemorrhage/rupture my vocal cords after all.” That was the worst-case scenario. Thankfully, Simpson is taking it seriously and doing everything he can to heal up and get his voice back. “I am currently getting the best treatment available and should fully recover,” he assured his followers. However, Sturgill said that this wouldn’t be a quick recovery. “It’s gonna be a long hot minute before I can return to the stage.”

Sturgill Simpson also included a photo of his injured vocal cord in the post. Check it out below. I’m not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination but that looks like it would be painful.

The post wasn’t all bad news. Sturgill Simpson also included an apology to his fans and plenty of gratitude. At the same time, it seems that Sturgill will be leaving social media again for a while. “I just wanted to turn this thing back on for about 15 seconds to say I’m sorry to everyone that had tickets to the remaining shows and to thank everyone that has supported me over the years.”

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The “You Can Have the Crown,” singer added that his journey, thus far, has been a good one. “It’s been an incredibly fun, rewarding, and educational journey,” he said. Simpson continued, talking about some of the things that he marked off his bucket list in the last few years. “I played all the venues I dreamed about playing as a kid, met all my heroes, even became friends with most of them, and got to work with some of the finest musicians on the planet over the years.”

Sturgill Simpson might be off the road and out of the studio for a “long hot minute,” but he’s staying positive. He closed his post with some optimism and his usual humor. “But on the bright side, now I can finally really focus on other pursuits and areas of passionate interest, like becoming the best hitman I can be.”

Here’s wishing Sturgill Simpson a quick and easy recovery.