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Sturgill Simpson Blasts CMA Awards 2020: ‘Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead’ at Show

by Hunter Miller
(Photo by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images)

Sturgill Simpson is not happy with how the CMA Awards 2020 went down. The musician took to Instagram during the show on Wednesday night to let his feelings known loud and clear.

In the video, Simpson stares directly into the camera while Darius Rucker can be heard in the background performing “Beers and Sunshine” on the awards show. He then explains how he takes issue with the CMA not paying tribute to late musician John Prine.

“Two seconds, that’s all it would’ve took. Two seconds,” Simpson says. Literally two syllables. John Prine. That’s it. Nope. Got all the time in the world for this s–t.”

He shared the clip with the caption: “Don’t get it twisted,..wouldn’t be caught dead at this tacky a– glitter and botox cake & c–k pony show even if my chair had a morphine drip. I just wanted to see if they would…nope.
No time for Buddha.”

Sturgill Simpson Speaks out on the Associated Press Refusing to Provide CMA Coverage

Simpson, 42, then went on to address how the Associated Press opted not to cover the event. “Good on ya AP!
Its time for this hegemonic horse s–t ship to sink and for that to happen the music press needs to ask and demand answers to the hard questions instead of depending on those of us outside the box for the ‘tasty quote machine’ answers.”

He then went on to lodge a particularly poignant accusation at many of the musicians on stage. “And if the guitars look worn folks its not from playing…it’s from all the freshly scratched off rebel flag stickers,” he said.

In conclusion, Simpson also uploaded the post with a photo that shows his latest album “Cuttin’ Grass” sitting atop the Apple Music charts. “Pic # 2: Oh yeah, by the way… #winning,” he wrote.