Sturgill Simpson Claims ‘Dood & Juanita’ Will Be His Last Solo Album

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images,)

Will this be the last Sturgill Simpson album, ever? Perhaps. According to Sturgill himself, there is a clear path he has taken and it could be coming to an end. With the release of Dood & Juanita, the country music artist from Jackson, Kentucky has now put out five studio albums.

What could be the next thing for Sturgill Simpson if he isn’t recording solo albums? Well, it seems as though he would like to stay in the studio. That means only one thing, producing. While fans know him mostly for his own music, Sturgill has produced his own as well as other’s music multiple times.

“At a certain point, I don’t want to say I’ll never make another record, but this five-album narrative was really clear when I moved to Nashville,” Sturgill explained to Relix earlier this year. Some fans will mention that Cuttin’ Grass was his fifth and sixth studio releases, however, Sturgill seems to put them in another category.

One thing is for sure, he is a family man and always gives credit to his support system.

“My wife really helped me carve that out, in terms of how to go about the beginning, middle, and end for each chapter,” the You Can Have The Crown artist said.

Playing music and traveling can take a toll on artists and their families. For Sturgill it is simple.

“I like sleeping in my bed.”

Sturgill Simpson the Producer

Throughout his career, Sturgill Simpson has been known for his work with producer Dave Cobb. Cobb, of course, has produced multiple classics and most recently worked with Reba McEntire. However, Sturgill has produced his own albums in the past as well. Not to mention the work he has done with other artists.

Most notably, Sturgill produced Tyler Childer’s last two albums. Purgatory and Country Squire have both had great success. But, he has worked on other projects as well. Margo Price’s That’s How Rumors Get Started is also produced by Sturgill. Canadian artist Lucette has also worked with the Kentucky-born artist and producer.

“I really love helping other people succeed — people like Tyler or Margo or Lucette or anybody else who would be willing to work with me. I can’t think of any other greater way to use the knowledge or experience,” Sturgill confessed. So, the future of Sturgill Simpson seems to be in making more music. Whether he is the one playing and singing it will be the question.

His work speaks for itself and he is an artist that country music needs active. Even if he isn’t touring, Sturgill in a studio is good for everyone. Songwriters don’t stop writing songs. While it might not be soon, surely there is new Sturgill in the future for fans.