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Sturgill Simpson Drops Surprise Bluegrass Album ‘Cuttin’ Grass – Vol. 1′

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach

Sturgill Simpson surprised fans with a new album on Friday (Oct. 16). The singer dropped his first bluegrass album Cuttin Grass – Vol. 1.

The album remixes some of Simpson’s greatest hits across his career with the twang and thrills of bluegrass. The album includes fan favorites like “Turtles All the Way Down” and “Water in the Well” with a bluegrass twist. Most of the songs have been taken from Simpson’s solo career, but the singer included a few selections from his time with the band Sunday Valley.

In recent years, the country singer has been known to experiment with his music. For instance, last year’s Sound & Fury featured cartoon anime visuals and a graphic novel. The album combined both rock and electronic genres to create an edgy, hard-hitting sound.

Sturgill Simpson Unveiled The Album on Oct. 14.

Simpson had planned to drop news about the album on Thursday (Oct. 15). But the singer said someone in Germany revealed the album earlier than expected. Still for many fans of the singer and the bluegrass genre, Simpson’s new album is a welcomed surprise.

“Welp,..was hoping to surprise everybody on Thursday but somebody somewhere (Germany) got all excited and just couldn’t hold their horses,” Simpson said in an Instagram post. The green and yellow album cover features Simpson wearing shades while riding a lawnmower.


The Pandemic Influenced The Creation of The Album

In a message to fans subscribed to his email list, Simpson explains he developed the album in part due to the coronavirus pandemic. In April, the singer contracted COVID-19. Simpson developed the idea for the album while recovering and isolating at home in southern Tennessee. Engaging with followers on social media, he promised them a new album if they donated to his favorite charity, the Special Forces Foundation.

Simpson couldn’t have put the album together alone either. Due to the pandemic, many bluegrass players had been unable to go on tour. As a result, Simpson gathered a group of musicians who lived nearby for a three-day recording session.

In another Instagram post, Simpson revealed the bluegrass band that helped him orchestrate new versions of his hits. Simpson and the band posed for the photo with their guitars and instruments at the ready. He captioned the post, “Partners in crime.”