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Sturgill Simpson Explains How Working with Martin Scorsese Influenced His Most Recent Album

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

Sturgill Simpson created his own style that didn’t follow the rules of modern and classic country. When he released his 2013 album, High Top Mountain, he didn’t limit himself to just the country genre. Following that album, he made a second one in 2016 titled, A Sailor’s Guide to Earth. And it eventually won a Grammy for “Best Country Album” in 2017.

Additionally, Simpson is from Jackson, Kentucky, and grew up in the Southern roots. Then his family moved out west once he became a teenager. But that didn’t stop him from making music.

Besides his unstoppable career, he recently revealed why he’s done working on a solo career. But one person wouldn’t let that happen. That’s right, producer Martin Scorsese encourages Simpson to continue making music. And that my friends, is where the Dood and Juanita album came from.

How Martin Scorsese Encouraged Sturgill Simpson to Make His Most Recent Album

USA Today refers to two things that Sturgill Simpson needs to make a banger of an album. The first one is a band ready to lay down bluegrass wizardry at any moment’s notice. And the other is just a whole lot of fun!

“This should be the most fun job on the planet,” Simpson told USA TODAY in a recent interview. “And if it’s not then you’ve got problems.”

Simpson said the album is inspired by his recent Oklahoma film, Flower Moon Killer, which is Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Historical Western.

Sydneynewstoday recorded a statement from Simpson himself.

“Everything that doesn’t provide a story only provides an ego, so we need to get rid of it. That’s why we entered the studio with that spirit on this record.”

Syndeynewstoday also mentions that in just 28 minutes his album is amazing.

“Simpson responded to his desire to have a connected song, such as not something that isn’t writing nine potential hits, ‘it’s like a story by a simple fireplace.'”

He admitted that these songs were the first sounds of music that he really understood.

“These were the first sounds I saw around my family when I was a kid and the first music I heard before I really understood what it was. It’s a target,” Sydneynewstoday reported. “Moreover, it’s cool to direct people who don’t necessarily like it. It is beautiful.”

Overall, Simpson’s fans are ecstatic that he is continuing to make music. The sound of him wanting to give up is unreal.

Could the ‘Dood and Juanita’ Album Be Sturgill’s Final Project Ever?

If this album is Sturgill Simpson’s last project, he said he still wants to do something in the studio. After years of producing music with an old producer, he realizes that is what he wants to do more.

You can listen to the new album below. It is an absolute banger.