Sturgill Simpson Announces New Album ‘The Ballad Of Dood And Juanita’ with Release Date

by Matthew Wilson

Sturgill Simpson is gearing up for his next project. The singer recently announced his new album The Ballad of Dood and Juanita. Like several of his albums, Simpson will be pushing the envelope on his music and what he can create as an artist.

Simpson’s previous works have embraced different genres and styles. For instance, Sound & Fury had an accompanying Netflix anime. It also embraced hard rock and a rougher edge than the rest of Simpson’s catalog. Meanwhile, Cuttin’ Grass was released as a pair of dual albums, featuring bluegrass-inspired covers of some of Simpson’s most popular works.

For The Ballad Of Dood And Juanita, Simpson will be telling a single story across the span of an album. Sturgill’s newest project will drop on August 20. Simpson reunited with his band from Cuttin’ Grass to record the album in less than a week’s time.

“I just wanted to write a story — not a collection of songs that tell a story, but an actual story, front to back,” Simpson said in a press statement. He described the album as a “rollercoaster ride through all the styles of traditional country and bluegrass and mountain music that I love, including gospel and a cappella.”

Simpson also revealed the entire tracklist from the upcoming album. The songs include:

01 “Prologue”
02 “Ol’ Dood (Part I)”
03 “One In The Saddle, One On The Ground”
04 “Shamrock”
05 “Played Out”
06 “Sam”
07 “Juanita” (Feat. Willie Nelson)
08 “Go In Peace”
09 “Epilogue”
10 “Ol’ Dood (Part II)”

Sturgill Simpson Discusses Chart Success

Previously, Sturgill Simpson criticized the way the music industry charts success. He pointed out criticism that his album didn’t chart as well as it could have. But Simpson said he wanted Cutting Grass to be a surprise for his listeners. And he wanted to get them the music without beating around the bush for marketing.

“Lotsa’ people messaging this morning asking how this could be when Vol 2 was at #3 and #4 on iTunes all week,” Sturgill Simpson wrote on Instagram. Simpson continued, “Its because instead of teasing you for 3 months with a million interviews about bluegrass, releasing two or three singles, and a thousand posts about buying it pre-sale blah blah blah I surprise-released it digitally only instead of making you wait until the physical copies were manufactured and ready to be shipped to retail. Mostly because I believe people just want and need music more than ever. I also believe you guys are way too smart to need to be marketed to.”

But Sturgill Simpson rallied against the industry, believing that he makes music for his fans. And he likes to find fresh ways to connect with his audiences.

“I also truly believe ‘this is the way’ forward,” Simpson wrote. “If for no other reason it allows you, as fans, to hear and love the music while it’s still fresh in the hearts of the artists. As a result, these grass albums have been the most gratifying releases of my entire career.”