Sturgill Simpson Performing on ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

by Charles Craighill

In a surprise Instagram earlier today, Sturgill Simpson revealed that he will perform on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night. The country music outlaw recently released his second installment of Cuttin’ Grass. This two-part series features bluegrass renditions of many of his popular hits. They also debut some brand new songs.

Sturgill Simpson did not include a caption with the post, but really he didn’t need one. The picture said everything it needed to say. Sturgill Simpson on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night. The episode will air at 10:35 pm tomorrow night.

Sturgill Simpson on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Earlier this year, Sturgill Simpson appeared on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert. On the show, he had a conversation with Colbert then performed “Breakers Roar” from Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 1. Their conversation covered Simpson’s stint with coronavirus, his new bluegrass album, and his relationship with the late John Prine.

As he reveals in that conversation, he had quite an extensive relationship with the great American songwriter. This relationship initially began when Sturgill Simpson recorded his album A Sailor’s Guide to Earth in John Prine’s studio, Butcher Shop Studios. He spoke about the moment he met Prine in his conversation with Colbert.

“I was in there mixing [A Sailor’s Guide] one day, and I guess I was pretty in the zone, I had my head down on the board. So I took a break, hit the space bar or whatever, and turned around. John Prine was sitting there in a chair with these plaid pants. I had no idea how long he was sitting there,” Sturgill continued. He went on to quote Prine saying “That’s pretty good, want to go grab some meatloaf?”

Bluegrass on Tour?

In another interview with BBC Scotland, Sturgill Simpson revealed that he definitely wants to tour with his new bluegrass outfit. Now that he has released two volumes of bluegrass albums, he certainly has the body of work. Furthermore, he seems more enthralled with his bluegrass music than he has with any of his other music.

While he has no immediate plans of touring due to the coronavirus pandemic, he did say that he wants to try with the bluegrass. “I’ll go play whatever gig wants me to come and play. We’ll definitely tour with the bluegrass,” Sturgill said in a rare interview with BBC Scotland. “This isn’t going to be the last time I pick up an electric guitar, I can promise you that. Or just do both, I don’t know. That would be a fun tour to just go out for four hours every night and do a little bit of both and have two bands. That sounds pretty amazing to me.”