Sturgill Simpson Shares Alternative Album Art for ‘Sound and Fury,’ Shares Story of Life in Tokyo

by Kayla Zadel

Singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson is giving fans a look at album art from the past.

Sturgill Simpson’s fascinated with the Japanese culture and so he felt like it was the right thing for him to do when he released the 2019 album “Sound and Fury” in Japan. The singer-songwriter shares the artwork on his Instagram account.

The photo depicts the original cover of “Sound and Fury” by showing a Dodge Charger with an AM-FM radio for the grill. Additionally, a red and black sky leads way into a plume of smoke.

“Alternate cover for Japanese release.. the nuclear mushroom cloud was removed out of respect,” he says.

The original artwork showed a mushroom cloud behind the car. Additionally, Simpson shared the cover on social media in September. It looks like this below.

This is Simpson’s fourth studio album. Additionally, it was released by an original Netflix anime film titled Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound and Fury. The film was written and produced by Simpson with Japanese director Junpei Mizusaki.

This album marks Simpson’s changeover from his country roots to hard rock, psychedelic, blues, and funk styles. However, “Sound and Fury” was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 63rd Grammy Awards.

Sturgill Simpson in Tokyo

According to Simpson, he spent some of his younger years in Japan. He explains the reason behind the post and includes his thoughts on when he was in Tokyo.

“Due to the weight of the names from the Japanese anime world that worked on the film, and being up for a best rock album Grammy, Sound and Fury is dripping pretty hard over in Japan right now. That’s a wild reality for a dude who spent some of his youth crawling the sprawling breathing streets of Tokyo…20 years ago I was sleeping it off in the back alleys of Roppongi waiting on the trains to start rolling,” he writes.

Furthermore, Simpson continues, “Last year I was in Roppongi attending a film premiere for a cartoon I produced about a Mopar driving warrior taking on a savagely exploitative, hegemonic, corrupt system in a toxic wasteland where everyone has to wear a mask to go outside.”