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Sturgill Simpson Speaks Out on ‘Eternal Love and Appreciation’ for Grammy Nomination

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Earlier today, singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson took to his Instagram to celebrate his Grammy nomination. The 2019 album “Sound and Fury” was nominated in the Best Rock Album category. It seems that Simpson couldn’t be happier about the news.

Earlier this month, Simpson spoke out against the CMA Awards. He made no bones about the fact that he had no desire to attend the show stating that he wouldn’t be there even if his chair had a morphine drip. He even took time to take a shot at newly image-conscious country performers.

Sound and Fury

Sturgill Simpson has been fighting tooth and nail to shake the title of country music iconoclast for years. He does this not only in interviews and social media posts but also through the music he creates. 2019’s “Sound and Fury” is about as far from country as you can get.

The album combines elements of modern blues, psychedelic rock, disco, and Southern rock. It also serves as the soundtrack to an anime film of the same name. The album and accompanying film prove that Sturgill Simpson is best when he is given the freedom to create.

Sturgill Simpson: Guitar-Slinging Ronin

The opening tack of “Sound and Fury” is titled Ronin. The title perfectly captures Simpson’s attitude. The Ronin were roaming samurai with no masters. They plied their skill as they saw fit. Likewise, Simpson does not bow to Nashville or the country music industry at large. He exercises his considerable talent how and when he wants.

If genre-hopping rock albums aren’t your thing, you can check out Simpson’s latest release. In October, he put out “Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 1”. This album includes 20 previously-released tracks reimagined as bluegrass tunes.