Tanya Tucker Forced To Cancel Entire 2021 Tour, But Vows To Return in 2022

by Taylor Cunningham

A growing number of singers have canceled their tours this year due to COVID-19 concerns. And yesterday, another artist has decided to follow suit. Tanya Tucker announced on Twitter that she’s postponing her Bring My Flowers Now stops. “I’ve made the heartbreaking decision to cancel all my 2021 dates,” she wrote. 

Tanya’s decision also came after she underwent emergency hip surgery and was forced to cancel a string of shows in August. She told her fans that her hip had been “giving her hell” for a while. And her doc finally found a fracture. 

After a quick surgery, she needed to take some time to recover. “The doctors want me to get some rest before getting back on the road,” she told ticket holders.

Tucker had rescheduled the shows for later this year, but now it seems her fans will have to wait a little longer. On Friday, she decided it’s best to resume her tour once the pandemic slows down. Tanya also canceled her performances unrelated to her tour, including all of her festival appearances.

“With my damn hip still healing slowly & my increasing concerns with covid-19, I’ve made the heartbreaking decision to cancel all 2021 dates,” she wrote. “I must keep my fans, band & crew safe. I love my tea, I love my crew, & most of all, I love U, the fans.”

“We’ll be back in 2022 ready to kick some ass,” she promised.

Tanya Tucker did not specify when she’d pick up again. And as far as we know, all of her 2022 shows are still on. In February, she’ll be visiting Mexico with Brandi Carlile for the Girls Just Wanna Weekend event. And she’s among the list of Stagecoach performers in April.

Tanya Tucker is Teaming Up with Brandi Carlile Once More

Country legend Tanya Tucker is teaming up with multi-genre legend Brandi Carlile. And Brandi is helping Tanya branch out from the country world.

The two are working on a new album, and they’ll also perform at the Girls Just Wanna Weeknd festival in Mexico this winter. This isn’t the first time the singers paired up though. Carlile had a big part in producing Tucker’s 2019 album, While I’m Livin’.

In a recent interview, co-producer, Shooter Jennings, said the songstresses are working on some new music again.

The Delta Dawn singer said she wants to keep recording songs with the same feel as her 2019 release.

“I feel like I sing better, I sound better,” Tucker said. “I don’t know, I guess the stars lined up again for me.”

“All I want, all I’ve ever wanted, was just an opportunity to be heard,” Tucker said. “Not to close me off and not to categorize me — just to let everybody hear me, man. They don’t have to like me, but they might, you know? I’m greedy. I just want an opportunity to gather up some more fans. The more I have, the better I like it.”