Tanya Tucker Looks Back at 2020 Grammys Victories: ‘Never Stop Following Your Dreams’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tanya Tucker still is celebrating the pair of Grammys she won this time a year ago. And why not? It’s not every day you accomplish a cherished life goal in your 60s.

On Instagram, Tucker posted a video of her acceptance speech for winning a Grammy for best country song. She captioned the video:

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I won two @recordingacademy #grammys … feels like yesterday. No matter how old you are, NEVER stop following your dreams. Looking forward to getting back out on the road soon!!!❤️ #whileimlivin

Tanya Tucker Still Thriving After All These Years

The hashtag in Tucker’s post — #whileimlivin — is the name of her album. But it’s also a nod to her age and longevity.

Tanya Tucker is 62 and her country music career started when she was 13. But in reality, the Tucker sounded like a full-grown woman when she belted out “Delta Dawn.” Her record company, back in 1972, didn’t want folks to know Tucker was barely in her teens. But they couldn’t keep her age a secret for long, especially when Tucker’s song hit No. 6 on the country charts and got play on pop radio.

But Tanya Tucker never won a Grammy until last year. She was a star through the 1970s. Her hit 1989 song “Texas (When I Die)” was played at the end of Dallas Cowboys games. That’s about as big of a compliment a fellow Texan like Tucker can get.

But her record sales started falling by the early 1980s. In fact, Tucker started to be known for her high-profile relationships than her music. She dated Glen Campbell and Merle Haggard, as well as pop singer Andy Gibbs and actor Don Johnson, who then was starring in “Miami Vice.”

Tanya Tucker persevered, even through substance abuse, which forced her into rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic. She missed her first CMA award in 1991 because she was giving birth to her son.

After Glen Campbell’s death in 2017, she released her first song since 2009, with “Forever Loving You.” She co-wrote the song, which honored Campbell’s memory, with a Tennessee state senator.

Then came the album that breathed real life into Tucker’s career as she hit her 60s. “While I’m Livin” was produced by Shooter Jennings, Waylon’s son, and Brandi Carlisle, a multiple Grammy winner. Tucker performed a single from the album “Bring My Flowers Now” at the all-star birthday concert for Loretta Lynn.

And Tuesday is the anniversary of her first-ever Grammy wins. Coming into last year’s ceremony, Tucker was 0 wins in 12 nominations.

Tanya Tucker is a true country diva. And as such, other female performers sing her songs. Kelly Clarkson did a throwback tune on her Monday show — Tucker’s “It’s A Little Too Late,” a hit from 1993.

But no, as Tucker proves, it’s never too late.

If you’d like to listen to Tucker sing “Delta Dawn,” you can check out this Outsider story.

Plus, you also can enjoy the song Tanya Tucker performed for Loretta Lynn’s 87th birthday, the one that won a Grammy.