Tanya Tucker Posts Touching Tribute for Brother Who Passed Away

by Atlanta Northcutt

A devastating loss has country star Tanya Tucker honoring the final moments she shared between her and her brother before his death.

In a post on Instagram, Tucker shared the impact of the loss of her brother Don. Her older brother passed away on Jan. 12. She is the only surviving sibling as her other brother, Robert, died in Sept. 2017 from pneumonia.

Tanya Tucker Expresses Love After Brother’s Death

Her post is eloquently written as the words touch the hearts of anyone who has lost someone near to them.

“Jan. 12, 2021,” she begins the post. “My brother Don got his wings that day… I went to see him in the hospital just before.”

Tanya Says Goodbye

Tanya tells the story of the visit before his death. Her expression is one of sorrow, yet relief for him to not be in pain anymore, which many people can understand. Fans are commenting on the post showing support and solidarity.

She states how she had a feeling the visit might be the last before he passed. However, upon entering Don’s hospital room, she realized her older brother didn’t recognize her or family members anymore.

“He didn’t recognize me,” writes Tanya. “I hadn’t seen him in years, but I felt like it might be the last time I’d see him again.”

“He was frail and I knew his time was near,” she adds.

An Open and Honest Post About Love and Forgiveness

Tucker expresses a raw honesty in the post. She writes about how Don’s death opened her eyes regarding the time she missed with him and wishing their relationship had been better. This is something many can relate to as strained relationships happen and years are lost which can cause regrets.

Tucker FaceTimed their cousin, Leland. Although Don didn’t recognize him either, Tanya put one of Leland’s crosses around her brother’s neck while she told him she loved him. While looking at any form of positive in her brother passing away, she states he was happier, as though he’d found peace.

“He was happier and light with no anger, no bitterness, all the bad was gone,” she writes.

A beautiful and powerful moment comes as Tanya Tucker and her brother begin singing together in a display of the love they’d shared. The perfect song was expressed between the two.“Isn’t It Funny How Time Slips Away” was a wonderful fit during the last moments Tanya was with her brother.

“Isn’t It Funny How Time Slips Away”

“He started singing ‘Well hello there/ my it’s been a long long time/ how my doing/ well I guess I’m doing fine,'” she says.

She then responded back with tearjerking lyrics.

“Well, I gotta go now/ guess I’ll see you around/ Don’t know when though/ or when I’ll be back in town/ Ain’t it surprising how time slips away/ The years they have slipped away.” 

“I feel sorry that we didn’t have the relationship that we should have had, but all is forgiven just like I wrote and sang on ‘Bring My Flowers Now,'” she expresses. “All that came between us was now so very unimportant and small.”

Finding Peace in Passing

Although the visit was painful, it seems peace was found between them both and previous wounds were healed through the forgiveness and love expressed before his death.

“There was a gentle peace that wrapped around my heart, and I’m so very thankful that God chose me to be his little sister and him to be my big brother,” she says. “All is well.”

Tanya Tucker’s post is a raw and real representation of loss, as well as finally mending a relationship. Don was able to sing with his little sister for the last time. Through the power of music, the two were able to express their love in song before he passed away.

“He’s soaring now, wings stretched out and flying higher than eagles dare,” she writes in the final lines of her post. “He’s free. No more chains. No more sadness! Sail on big brother… sail on…”

Don’s cause of death hasn’t been released.