Tanya Tucker Shares Newly Adopted Mare and Colt, Asks For Name Suggestions

by Katie Maloney

Tanya Tucker just adopted two new horses and she’s asking her fans to help her name them.

Country music legend Tanya Tucker just shared a video of her two newly adopted horses. One of them is a little colt and the other is the colt’s mother.

Along with a video of the animals running around their new home ranch, Tucker wrote, “Look at my new babies!!! Momma and son. I adopted them from Redemption Road Rescue. What should I name the colt and the momma!!??? I already have a horse named after @LorettaLynn my hero. Would love your help on naming these two!!!!”

Fans Are Suggesting These Names For Tanya Tucker’s New Horses

Fans are happily responding to Tanya Tucker’s call for help naming her new horses. One fan wrote, “Dolly Parton and Alan Jackson so Dolly and Alan or maybe June and Johnny. I love this so much. I also love your music.”

Another fan suggested naming the horses in connection to Loretta Lynn. She wrote, “Momma-Patsy Cline since her & Loretta were bffs & for the colt-Randolf (son of Patsy)!” Another fan suggested naming the horses after the famous country duo, The Judds. She wrote, “Naomi for mom and Judd for son.”

Other fans thanked Tanya Tucker for adopting instead of buying new horses. One fan wrote, “Thank you for rescuing and giving them a new home.” Another user commented, “Such beautiful animals, and thank you so much for rescuing them.”

And one more fan wrote, “Thank you Ms. Tucker for adopting instead of buying. I wish I could be there to admire and say hello to you and your new babies. Perhaps Tammy would be good for momma to remember Tammy Wynette?”

Tanya Named One of Her Horses After Loretta Lynn

As she stated in her post, Tanya Tucker named one of her horses after her country music hero, Loretta Lynn. She even asked Loretta for permission to use the name. During an interview in 2018, Tucker talked about her new horse and how she approached Loretta Lynn.

“I’ve got a new filly, gonna be a cutting horse – out of a really big stud called Smooth as a Cat. And I named her Miss Loretta Lynn. So, I had to get permission to use her name for the American Quarter Horse Association. They don’t allow you to do that unless you get permission. So, I went out to her house and she signed that paper twice, she loved it! And I sent her pictures of Loretta and I’m going to get a great trainer…and we’ll see, it’s nice if I get to have a horse named Miss Loretta Lynn just make the finals. But hey, let’s go all the way, as long as we’re thinking, let’s go all the way and win the thing!”