Taylor Swift Fans Crash Ticketmaster Site With Huge Demand

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Imges for MTV)

The Swifties are not happy with Ticketmaster as Taylor Swift fans flocked to the ticket giant only to be met with a crashed site. You would think that in the year 2022, a site like Ticketmaster would have the ability to hold up against mass rushes like this. However, those Swifties are a different breed.

Fans of the pop icon were met with issues while trying to get their tickets. There were issues with too much demand, long queues, and more. This is something that the Taylor Swift faithful is very good at. Really, is there a site like this that they haven’t crashed at some point in the past?

In fact, the rush of fans to the Ticketmaster site caused them to reschedule the presale that they had going on. Capital One Cardholders have access to certain early presales and other perks. Now, the whole presale has to be moved to tomorrow, Wednesday, November. 16.

Even the west coast markets were affected and had their ticket sales postponed during the whole ordeal. Not an ideal release.

A big complaint is that resellers have bought up a big bulk of tickets and are now raising prices for fans that just want to watch Taylor live. Not only is there the usual demand for her upcoming shows and tour, but there is the hype for her new album, Midnights. So, things got intense, quickly for Ticketmaster.

All that the website can do is keep pushing out the orders that they have and try to keep folks calm as possible. That second part is going to be harder to do than the first part, I’m sure.

Taylor Swift Fans Tank Ticketmaster

It isn’t just Taylor Swift fans that are to blame for the Ticketmaster debacle. This whole album run has been hyped by just about everyone. From Keith Urban to even Bruce Springsteen. It’s no wonder that folks want tickets so badly. Especially when there are rumors going around that The Boss might join her on the road.

Now, those rumors are not confirmed and in fact, are likely just talk. However, if the stars align and somehow these rumors turn true then it might set the music world on fire. These tickets are just going to get more and more valuable as time goes on.

Leave it up to Taylor Swift fans to break a website like Ticketmaster. There are millions of fans that are desperate to get a ticket. These tour dates are going to be absolutely wild. Everyone that is able to get a ticket might as well be holding onto gold.

Keep your eyes out for tomorrow. Let’s hope that Ticketmaster is ready for the flood of Taylor Swift fans that are going to come back for more on Wednesday.