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Taylor Swift Fans Demand ‘Reputation’ Album Return to Streaming Services After Noticing Its Removal

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Jun Sato/TAS18/Getty Images)

Streaming services are starting to get a bad reputation after removing Taylor Swift’s music.

Taylor Swift fans, also known as “Swifties,” are in an uproar after finding out about the removal of Reputation from various streaming services. As a matter of fact, they took to Twitter to share their outrage and even got the hashtag “#BringRepBack” the number two trending spot.

Numerous tweets are seen saying, “We need this album! It’s part of our life.” One tweet even calls on “Tayvoodoo” for back-up.

Don’t worry Swifties, your magic seems to work, and Reputation is back on Apple Music.

According to this tweet published by Taylor Swift News – an account that’s dedicated to Swift but not affiliated with the artist – claiming the album was replaced by a Big Machine Records version for three hours.


It looks like there is an end-game in sight knowing that Swift’s music has returned.

Maybe the short-lived absence of the Reputation album has something to do with the fact that Swift doesn’t own her master recordings. The album was released by Big Machine Records in 2017. This is Swift’s fourth consecutive album to debut atop the U.S. Billboard 200.

Bad Blood Between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun

In 2019, news broke that Taylor Swift doesn’t own her master recordings. Swift signed her recording contract at the age of 15 with Big Machine Records, giving them ownership of her masters, which entitled the company to her albums’ revenue streams and control of how the music was used. Enter the release of Reputation, one of Swift’s most successful albums that increased her popularity and worth of the album.

Subsequently, then Big Machine CEO Scott Borchetta decided to sell the label to the new owner, Scooter Braun. With the sale, he acquires her catalog of music. There’s been some back-and-forth as to whether Swift has been given the option to purchase her masters or a share in the company.

Swift’s contract with Big Machine Label Group expired in November 2019. She’s now signed with Universal Music Group and Republic Records. Swift, without a doubt, now owns everything she makes from here on out. According to various legal experts, Swift doesn’t have any grounds for a lawsuit. Though, she does have the opportunity to re-record her first through fifth albums in November 2020. By all means, Swift fully intends to do just that.