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Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney on Songwriting in 2020: ‘Trying to Write Songs That Might Help’

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by TASRIGHTSMANAGEMENT2020/Getty Images via Getty Images)

In October of this year, Taylor Swift met up with Paul McCartney in London to talk and do a photoshoot for Rolling Stone. The magazine will feature their conversation as the cover story for the upcoming issue. Both artists recorded and released albums during the ongoing pandemic, and both accomplished that feat mostly on their own. Taylor Swift’s album, “Folklore,” is the best selling album of 2020. Paul McCartney’s album, “McCartney III,” is his third solo album on which he plays most of the instruments.

In their conversation, the two discussed a wide range of topics. Ranging from their individual and unique writing styles to fond memories with one another at parties, the two have a lot more in common than it appears. Namely, both wanted their albums in 2020 to be helpful to some degree.

“I often feel like I’m writing to someone who is not doing so well,” McCartney explains. “Not in a crusading way, but I’m trying to write songs that might help. I think that’s the angle I want: that inspirational thing.”

Taylor Swift similarly seems to write her songs to a specific demographic of people that need the kind of inspiration and help that McCartney talks about. Early in her career, many of her songs dealt with heartbreak and breakups, which is certainly a universal difficulty that many people go through. Most of her early songs acted as a support to people who struggled with those parts of life.

Taylor Swift and ‘Folklore’

Taylor Swift’s newest album, “Folklore,” came out on July 24 of this year. The album has 16 songs, most of which she worked with Aaron Dessner of the indie band The National. The album has been the best selling record of the year, topping Billboard’s 200 for eight weeks (non-consecutive).