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Taylor Swift Says ‘Not a Lot Going on at the Moment,’ Fans Don’t Buy It

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

With a moody black & white photo to back her up, Taylor Swift says she’s taking it easy – but fans of the hard-working star have pulled her own tweets to prove she’s up to something!

The country-turned-pop-turned-worldwide icon remains one of the busiest women in any industry. A phenomenal songwriter, Taylor Swift manages to pull hit songs out of every aspect of her diverse life. Whether it’s public hounding over her many love interests, or crafting an entire folk album in quarantine – she’s never really slowed down.

Until now? “Not a lot going on at the moment,” she posts to Twitter. The statement captions a moody cabin photo of the star as she does her best to look bored on a loveseat.

But is this legit? Especially from the aforementioned “busiest woman in music”?

Fans don’t think so. At all.

Taylor Swift Fans Think She’s Up to Something

In fact, one sharp fan has laid the proof right out front and center for us. Hana, while shouting thru her keyboard in all caps, says “YOU’RE EXPOSED NOW COME CLEAN!” Clearly a huge Swift fan with a sense of humor, she shares her proof with the caption “TAYLOR SWIFT IS THE BIGGEST LIAR THIS TOWN HAS EVER SEEN.”

See for yourself:

Also hitting the nail on the head, fan and follower Aiden says “last time you said that you lied and Folklore was born.”

And as we just saw, he would be 100% correct.

During her quarantine at the intense onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown, Swift managed to craft her entire, impressive last album, Folklore. So she has to be up to something, right?

Fellow fan Courtney certainly thinks so. “NO ONE BELIEVES YOU,” she exclaims with a laughing and sparkling heart emoji.

Follower Appy even includes a visual aide in her assessment of Taylor Swift’s “lie”…

“Babe….are you lying again…?” she asks with a slew of appropos emojis…

The Swiftys have spoken – and the star has to be working on a project.

So what could this mystery project be? She is clearly throwing back to her own statement from before Folklore. As a result, Taylor Swift fans can start looking forward to a new album, or at least a music video for Exile, right?


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