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Ted Nugent Plays His Favorite Jeff Beck Riffs in Tribute to Late Guitarist: WATCH

by Craig Garrett
Ted Nugent
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

From one guitar legend to another, Ted Nugent offered a heartfelt tribute to the late Jeff Beck who passed away on January 10. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee, who achieved stardom as part of The Yardbirds, passed away after being afflicted with bacterial meningitis according to his representative. During the latest episode of Ted’s popular news show, “The Nightly Nuge“, he took a moment to reflect on Jeff’s passing.

“There is not a meaningful guitarist in the world that didn’t discover the brilliance,” Nugent told co-host, Keith Mark. “The lyricism, the dynamics, the vocabulary, the tonal spread of what Jeff Beck literally created. He was inspired by Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and certainly The Ventures and Duane Eddy and Lonnie Mack and all those original electric guitar virtuosos. Just an incredible genius [and] an adventurous, creative, wonderful guy.”

Nugent lavishly praised Jeff Beck’s influence while simultaneously demonstrating his admiration by playing a few of The Yardbirds’ tunes, such as “Over Under Sideways Down” and “Heart Full of Soul”. He even managed to recreate the exact tone that had made them so iconic.

Beck and Nugent had a lot in common outside of music

Nugent similarly noticed a connection between Beck and himself. The two rockers had a lot in common outside of music. You know, normal, healthy activities like crafting your own deadly distance weapons. “There was a lot of parallels [between us] because the way he expressed himself on the guitar, referenced that mechanics of horsepower. It represent[ed] the spirit side of the samurai, the martial arts. He was an archer. He made his own longbows out of Osage orange and he made his own arrows. So, there’s a lot of parallels there.”

Nugent goes on to shout out another recently departed rock legend. “When you play with that dynamic lyricism that Jeff Beck had mastered and uncharted tonalities, it was really mesmerizing. And ultimately, as I say about Eddie Van Halen and all of our lost souls, . . . their music will continue to enrich our lives. So, nobody ever forget Jeff Beck!”

Ted Nugent has some Jeff Beck recommendations for his listeners

Of course, Nugent didn’t punch out before listing off some of his favorite Jeff Beck recordings. “And if you haven’t listened to a lot of Jeff Beck, go back to The Yardbirds and go back to the Jeff Beck ‘Truth.’ The ‘Truth’ album [Beck’s 1968 debut LP] — unbelievable soulful music.”

Beck is an acclaimed guitarist who has made a lasting impact on rock history, and he has had the honor of collaborating with some of music’s most esteemed icons in blues, jazz, and rock. Seen as one of the most gifted musicians ever to grace the stage, Beck continues to inspire generations around the globe.

Beck made history in 1965 when he famously took over Eric Clapton’s lead guitarist role with The Yardbirds and later founded the iconic rock band, The Jeff Beck Group. The group boasted Rod Stewart on vocals and Ron Wood as bassist. They released two albums that would influence musicians for years to come – Truth (1968) and Beck-Ola (1969).