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Ted Nugent Posts Image Depicting ‘Fight’ for America, Criticizes Democratic Party

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images

Ted Nugent, singer and songwriter, and also a dedicated Trump supporter, recently posted a photo on Facebook depicting a “fight” for America.

The rock legend posted a controversial image to his Facebook page earlier this afternoon. The image contains two dogs fighting over a Frisbee, while a third dog, well, is mounted on one of the others.

Nugent’s meme depicts the first dog as Republicans, harmlessly trying to gain control of the Frisbee, which he has labeled “America.” The second dog, also fighting for control of the Frisbee, has been labeled the Democrats in the image. Finally, the third dog, which, again, is mounting the second dog, is labeled as “China.”

Posted by Ted Nugent on Friday, November 27, 2020

Nugent has been very vocal regarding his support of President Donald Trump and stance against the Democratic Party.

The photo he posted to his Facebook page on Friday received an abundance of positive feedback from his fans.

“Pretty accurate.”

“Funny, sad, and true.”

“Yep. That picture perfectly sums up our situation. God bless America.”

“Everything we gained in the last four years will be gone within a few short months. I hope that when I die the Democratic Party will choose me to bring back to life so I can vote like the’ve done with sooo many this election. SHHHHHH don’t tell them but if they do bring me back, I still will not vote for a democrat.”

Ted Nugent Shares Thanksgiving Message

Nugent recently shared a meme on Facebook from “cops who remember their oath” that clearly demonstrates how he feels this Thanksgiving. The meme he shared was from Law Enforcement Today.

“Dear America. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends,” the caption reads. “We won’t be knocking on your door to arrest you. Unlike many politicians, we actually believe in the Constitution and America.”

Furthermore, he shared yet another meme that was a play off of previous Folgers Coffee commercials.

“The best part of waking up is Donald Trump is president,” it reads.

The rocker has been vocal in his opposition to politicians and health officials who warned against Thanksgiving gatherings and travel. Nugent has proclaimed that he believes its government overreach.