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This ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ Cover on ‘American Idol’ Would Make Chris Stapleton Proud

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

One “American Idol” contestant’s “Tennessee Whiskey” version was so good it would make Chris Stapleton more than proud.

On Sunday, North Carolina resident Dontrell Briggs auditioned on the show and talked about his late godmother before belting out the hit.

Music Mayhem Magazine reported on Briggs’s fine performance.

‘Tennessee Whiskey’ A Payoff Hit For ‘American Idol Contestant

Briggs’s final song was the Stapleton hit, and he brought his best effort for the judges.

The judges got past his vibrato and judge Katy Perry’s “no” to hear the young man succeed with “Tennessee Whiskey.”

The judges seemed wowed by Briggs, especially Luke Bryan.

“Yes, you’re going to Hollywood, I just got chills all over on that one,” Bryan said.

Briggs received praise from a shocked Perry and a big hug from Lionel Richie, who said, “you delivered that, I’m so proud.”

One Twitter user was amazed by the rendition, saying, “So happy he did this great song. He was amazing.” Others were amazed, and happy Briggs went with that song too.

‘American Idol’ Contestant Had Strong Bond to Late Godmother

The 26-year-old Briggs said Betty Morris was there for him, and he said he missed her. He came to the Fox show in honor of the late woman.

“She played a very big part in my life…. Not a day that I could not call her, and she would be right there for me,” Briggs said.

Briggs talked about his godmother’s fight with sarcoidosis and her death in April.

“She fought for a long time [and] didn’t let anything stop her. She always kept going. To lose her was very hard to deal with,” Briggs continued. 

Briggs aspired to be on the show, fulfilling a dream. He said it was something he and his godmother would talk about quite a bit.

He said the woman with him in spirit, adding he believed “that if I get that golden ticket, she is going to be rejoicing with the angels.”

Briggs, a direct support associate from the North Carolina town of Maxton, performed a cover of the Tasha Cobbs song, “For You Glory.”

He choked back his emotions as he sang while showing off his vocal talents. Perry and Richie seemed to take issue with the young singer’s use of vibrato for the song.

Perry observed Richie’s impression from Briggs.

“Yeah. You know some people can come in and just sing, and then some people come in just let God come through them,” Lionel Richie said. “And your dear friend over there, she was actually standing right next to you while you were singing. I felt every breath of that performance.”

When Bryan asked Briggs how much of a gospel singer he was with a percentage, the young man responded 100 percent.