Outsider Picks: Cask-Strength Country Songs About Whiskey

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Alexlukin via Getty Images)

From the stills of Appalachia to the good bottle on the top shelf, whiskey is embedded deeply into the world of country music. Over the years, it has served as a muse for some of the genre’s greatest songwriters. At the same time, whiskey is the salve that can heal a broken heart or the gasoline that lights a night on fire. There are more country songs about whiskey than you can shake a stick at and we gathered a few of the very best in our newest playlist.

Cask-Strength Country Songs About Whiskey

In building this playlist, we sifted through the long list of country songs about whiskey and picked some of the best. Whether you’re a fan of old-time tunes or like to find your booze ballads on the radio dial, we’ve got a little something for everyone on this one.

“Whiskey River” – Willie Nelson

“Whiskey River” is one of Willie Nelson’s signature tunes. More than that, Willie opened his set on the pilot episode of Austin City Limits with the tune, making it the first song ever performed for the now-iconic show. In short, this boozy ballad co-penned by Johnny Bush and Paul Stroud is at the top of the heap when it comes to country songs about whiskey.

 “Mountain Dew” – The Stanley Brothers

This ode to moonshine is might just be the grandpappy of country songs about whiskey. It started its life in the mid-20s as an Appalachian folk song. Bascom Lamar Lundsford penned the original version of the song. Then, Scott Wiseman adapted it in the late thirties. In May of 1960, The Stanley Brothers released it as a single and included it on Everybody’s Country Favorites. If you’re in the mood for some top-shelf picking and singing, this is it.

“Jack Daniels” – Eric Church

We couldn’t have a list of country songs about whiskey without this cut from Eric Church’s 2011 album Chief. Written by Church, Jeff Hyde, and Lynn Hutton this bluesy boozy boot-scooter more than fits the bill. This one is about when all of those memories you’ve been drowning in the bottle come back to haunt you and it’s a great reminder that Jack doesn’t fight fair.

“I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey” – Corb Lund & Jaida Dreyer

Corb Lund delivers the total package here. “I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey” is a great country song about whiskey and it contains some solid life advice. More than that, it’s a witty back-and-forth duet with Corb advocating for whiskey and Jaida Dreyer extolling the virtues of gin. It’s fun and a little flirty, just like a good night of drinking.

“Whiskey” – Tejon Street Corner Thieves

This Tejon Street Corner Thieves track is, without a doubt, my favorite country song about whiskey. This up-tempo barn-burner is all about the soul-healing properties of whiskey. Lyrics like “Whiskey come and take my pain. / Numb my heart and ease my brain. / Oh whiskey, don’t you let me go!” make it my go-to drinking tune.

More Top-Shelf Country Songs About Whiskey

Cask-Strength Country Songs About Whiskey truly lives up to its name. It contains all the songs above, plus cuts from Morgan Wallen, Carly Pearce, Chris Stapleton, George Jones, and many more. So, give this playlist a listen while you’re enjoying a glass of your favorite whiskey. While you’re at it, be sure to follow Outsider on Spotify to get the best music from our favorite artists.