The Beers Are on Dierks Bentley, Breland and Hardy in ‘Beers on Me’ Video: WATCH

by Chase Thomas

Country music star Dierks Bentley released a new music video with Breland and Hardy for the hit song “Beers on Me” today.

The premise of the video is simple: Dierks is here to pass out free beer to the good folks he comes in contact with. In the song, Dierks says,” My card’s on the bar. You got nowhere to be. If you don’t come through, Buddy, that’s on you, ‘Cause the beer’s on me.”

The video is a laid-back affair with the title matching the video, where Dierks is seen passing out beers on him all around the town to get everybody’s weekend started the right way.

Pretty catchy, huh?

Dierks Bentley and the College Football Tailgate

This is the perfect kind of song for your college football tailgate on Saturdays in the South. Isn’t that what makes a tailgate special? Good folks sharing their drinks and food and delighting in one another’s company? That is what this track and the music video is getting at. Good vibes only, especially after a tough week of hard work. Sometimes, folks just need to relax with an ice-cold beverage, and that’s what Dierks and the crew are to here to provide: a cold one on him.

Dierks is going to be busy this winter. In a short amount of time, the country music star continues his “Beers On Me” tour that will run through 21 cities during the chilly months of the calendar. Dierks said about the upcoming tour, “People think we are crazy to go to Canada and the Northwest in January, but we’ve learned from previous tours that it’s a great time to bring a party up there,” Bentley shares in a press statement. “For me personally, I don’t mind that there is plenty of ice, snow, and mountains for some adventure between shows.”

This is a cool, pardon the pun, perspective for Dierks to have. To go to Canada during this time of year is a bold move. It’s going to be quite cold and you wouldn’t think about bringing a party atmosphere to Canada during that time of year, but isn’t that what makes Dierks different and cool? That he is willing to roll the dice and take a chance and look at as a fun opportunity to try something different. Not to mention, we Outsiders do love the outdoors and the views and sights in. The area during this time figures to be awesome, too.