The Chicks Open Up About Their Creativity During COVID-19 Pandemic

by Charles Craighill

Last night, the legendary female country trio, the Chicks, interview on Late Night with Seth Myers. In their 8 minute interview, the group covered everything from their continued creativity to their pandemic drinking habits. They even as far as to say that they would drink Seth Myers under the table.

“Do you think you would have drunk me under the table?” Meyers asks the trio. After revealing that Tequila was their drink of choice, all three agreed. “We could drink you under the table, I think,” Natalie Maines answers.

However, drinking wasn’t the only subject covered in the interview. The Chicks, Maines along with the multi-instrumental sisters, Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer, talked about their creativity during the pandemic as well. For Maines, her creativity blossomed in every way– except music.

When asked about her creativity she responded, “Not musically. [I] have not created a single note.” However, the lead singer for the Chicks did mention her various craft projects and house projects going on. For instance, she has been making beautiful wreaths for the Holiday season.

Catching Up with The Chicks

In their interview with Seth Meyers, the Chicks gave us all an update on their lives. While not a whole lot happened relative to their busy and exciting musical careers, they all got to spend some quality time with their families.

Maines, who believes she has been the most sequestered of the Chicks, recently had her most terrifying event happen during the pandemic: she visited the DMV. Maguire has also made her trips to the DMV as her sixteen-year-old children have begun the process of getting their licenses. However, she mentioned that her husband has done most of the heavy lifting in that regard.

As for the last member of the Chicks, she has recently dropped her first child off at their first year of college. “My first kid got into college,” she exclaimed. “And we didn’t even have to set foot on campus! We just did a drive-by, just waved.”