‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Team Member Has Us Missing ’90s Country With Incredible Travis Tritt Cover

by Anna Dunn

The Voice is back, and it’s been heating up with some truly talented contestants this year. Last night, contestant Blake Shelton team member Ethan Lively wowed judges and viewers alike with his rendition of Travis Tritt’s Help Me Hold On. His incredibly deep, wistful voice will knock your socks off.

Judge Nick Jonas told lively, “You make me smile every time you sing.”

“It’s just shocking. to me that you’re 17, how deep your voice is, you’re just very special.” Kelly Clarkson told the young singer.

“From a country fan standpoint your voice is so crazy. It’s so cool.” Blake Shelton told him.

Unfortunately, in spite of the great performance, Lively didn’t make it past the knockout round. It just proves that the crowd this year is a tough one to beat.

Lively’s performance starts around two minutes in, though Jordan Matthew’s performance of She Talks to Angels, which won, is definitely worth a watch as well. Ethan Lively’s astounding Travis Tritt cover makes us miss the country music of the 90s.

This Season of ‘The Voice’

This hasn’t been the only incredible performance on The Voice‘s stage this year. Another noteworthy performance from last night was Corey Ward’s cover of Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone. Clarkson is a coach on the show and has been since season 14. Singing a song by a coach is a pretty risky move, but it paid off for Ward. Clarkson became emotional when speaking about his rendition of her own song.

“When I wrote ‘Already Gone,’ I was going through something that I thought, ‘It’s okay. It doesn’t always have to work out. Hearing him sing that to me, in my life now, it’s like, are you smacking me in the face with my own message?” She said.

The Future of the Show

The Voice has been on since 2011, and it doesn’t look like it’s ending any time soon. After Nick Jonas announced he was leaving the show, pop superstar Ariana Grande announced she was joining The Voice. Given her massive fanbase, she’ll likely draw in viewership.

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton has indicated that he wants to leave The Voicesooner rather than later.” But then corrected that he’s definitely still going to spend more years on the show.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere. I’d like to stay there as long as I can. Yes, I’m staying there, of course, I’m staying there. I love that job,” he said. We’ll likely get Blake Shelton as The Voice’s jokester for another couple of years or so.

Meanwhile, the future of our newest batch of contestants is up in the air. With people as talented as Ethan Lively getting eliminated, the competition is sure to be a whirlwind. If you want to catch an episode for yourself, The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM EST.