On This Day: Alan Jackson Releases 4th Straight #1 with ‘Dallas’ in 1991

by Kayla Zadel

Twenty-nine years ago, Alan Jackson’s hit song “Dallas” was released. Little did he know at the time that it would go on to be a hit, but it rose to No. 1 on both the Billboard US Hot Country Songs and the Canada Country Tracks chart.

“Dallas” is also Jackson’s fourth single and according to the country crooner, the inspiration for the song came when he played at Billy Bob’s in Dallas, Texas. Jackson based the song on a comment he said after his show.

He said he “wished Dallas was in Tennessee” according to his The Greatest Hits Collection that was released in 1995.

Jackson’s fourth hit is from his second album Don’t Rock the Jukebox. “Dallas” is a love song about a woman that left Tennessee, and her man, for her true love, Texas.

Therefore, Jackson sings that he wishes Dallas was in Tennessee so he would have the woman he loves.

The lyrics in the chorus go like this, “Oh how I wish Dallas was in Tennessee / If I could move Texas east / Then she’d be here with me / Then nothin’ else would come between the two of us / If Dallas was in Tennessee”

Alan Jackson Co-Writes Song with Keith Stegall

Jackson and Keith Stegall co-wrote the song together. Stegall is a well-known songwriter and has written many hits for Jackson and even George Strait.

However, the song wasn’t well-received by critics. Kevin John Coyne of Country Universe rated the song with a B+ grade. Coyne called it “a simple enough song, yet with some clever lyrics, a generous dose of pedal steel and Jackson’s typical smooth, agreeable vocals.”

Coyne might not have loved the song but that didn’t stop it from reaching number one. “Dallas” debuted on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks for the week of January 4, 1992.

This song is just one of Alan Jackson’s many hits that made him the keeper of the classic country sound that so many artists look up to today.