On This Day: Carrie Underwood Releases #1 Hit ‘All-American Girl’ in 2007

by Katie Maloney

Thirteen years ago today, Carrie Underwood released “All-American Girl.” Fans quickly “wrapped around her finger,” as the song hits number one.

“All-American Girl” is the second single from her second studio album, Carnival Ride. Underwood co-wrote the song with Ashley Gorley and Grammy-nominated songwriter Kelley Lovelace. “All-American Girl” was certified platinum and became Underwood’s sixth consecutive country number one single. The song spent 20 weeks on the charts and peaks at number one.

The song begins with a couple who is about to have a baby. The father has always dreamed of having a son with who he can play football with. However, when his daughter is born he quickly falls in love. Fast forward sixteen years later and the girl is now a teenager. She falls in love with a boy on the football team who’s singular focus has been the sport. Soon, he’s “dropping passes,” and “missing practice,” to spend time with her. He finds that he’s “wrapped around her finger.” And when the couple gets married he says that he’s like to have an “all-American girl” just like her.

Obviously, the lyrics make for a perfect American small-town, Friday night lights, white picket fences, love story.

Underwood sings, “Now he’s wrapped around her finger. She’s the center of his whole world. And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect all-American girl.”

Carrie Underwood’s, “All-American Girl.”

Is The Song About Carrie Underwood’s Life?

As the youngest of three daughters, Underwood says the song is semi-autobiographical. During an interview co-writer Lovelace talks about the process of writing the song with Underwood.

“We thought we needed to write something uptempo since we already had a ballad/mid-tempo song finished,” says Lovelace. “Ashley [co-writer] said, ‘We’ve got this one thing that could be uptempo called ‘All-American Girl.’ She [Underwood] laughed and said, ‘It’s not about me, is it?’ We said, ‘No, it’s about this husband and wife, and the husband always wanted a boy, but he ended up with a girl,'” continues Lovelace. “Carrie said, ‘Great, sounds like my dad!'”

Lovelace says that it didn’t take long to write the song. “We started around 2:45 PM, and by 5:30 PM, we were totally done, and we never went back and changed anything,” she says.