On This Day: Dustin Lynch Releases Debut Single ‘Cowboys and Angels’ in 2012

by Katie Maloney

Nine years ago today, Dustin Lynch released his first single, “Cowboys and Angels.” The song solidified his status as a country music star.

We often hear the stories of famous country musicians and songwriters who spend years struggling to get their songs heard before finally receiving their big break. However, Lynch has a much different story. He skyrocketed to country music fame after releasing his very first single. “Cowboys and Angels” is about two people who seem to be polar opposites by love each other deeply. During the song, Lynch sings, “I’ve got boots and she’s got wings. I’m hell on wheels and she’s heavenly. I’d die for her and she lives for me…There’s a history between girls like her and guys like me. Cowboys and angels.”

Dustin Lynch’s “Cowboy and Angels.”

Dustin Lynch Wrote The Song About His Grandparents

Although it’s easy to see how the contrast between cowboys and angels could make for a passionate romance, Lynch says he’s seen the dynamic first-hand. During an interview about the song, Lynch says that he wrote the song about both his parents’ and grandparents‘ relationships. His grandparents have been together for over 65 years.

“I have my grandparents’ and my parents’ story to draw from,” says Lynch. “Our goal was to make it a universal story so everyone could take it and make it their own,” he continues.

Lynch says that he has proof that the story is universal. Countless fans reached out to share that their relationships are exactly as he describes in his song.

“I’ve seen postings all over the place about how it fits people’s story, and it’s awesome to see that,” says Lynch.

“Cowboys and Angels” peaked in the number two spot on two major Billboard charts, Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs. Additionally, the song landed at number 40 on the mainstream Hot 100 singles chart. The song was a track from his eponymous debut album. The album stole the number one spot on Billboard’s Top Country Albums and Independent Albums charts.