On This Day: Elvis Presley Records ‘It Hurts Me,’ Co-Written by Charlie Daniels

by Kayla Zadel

Believe it or not, but Charlie Daniels had a hand in Elvis Presley’s pop ballad “It Hurts Me.” This day, 57-years ago, the King of Rock and Roll recorded the song.

The Charlie Daniels Band Instagram remembers this day with a post and a photo of the song sleeve featuring a headshot of Elvis Presley.

The caption reads, “ON THIS DAY In 1964, @elvis Presley recorded ‘It Hurts Me,’ co-written by Charlie. It was B-side to ‘Kissin’ Cousins’ & became a minor hit on its own. Was also featured in 1968 Comeback Special. Co-written by Bob Johnston, who used his wife’s name, Joy Byers. – TeamCDB #elvis.”

The post spells out who wrote the song. According to Rolling Stone, “It Hurts Me” is in fact written by Charlie E. Daniels and Joy Byers. However, it was actually Byers’ husband, songwriter, and producer Bob Johnston, who co-wrote the track.

The song was on the soundtrack for Elvis Presley’s 1964 musical comedy, “Kissin’ Cousins.”

More on Elvis Presley and Charlie Daniels Collaboration

Charlie Daniels was driving up from El Paso, Texas to the east coast before Christmas in 1962 when he got the idea for the song. After his trip, Bob Johnston invited Daniels to Nashville to write songs. “It Hurts Me” is just one of the songs that they wrote.

Daniels spoke about the songwriting process, “We just went on, and we finished it up, and Bob did a demo on it, and the company that he was writing for at the time, Hill and Range was the parent company, handled Elvis Presley Music and Gladys Music, which was Elvis Presley’s two companies.”

The late singer continues, “Elvis came to town. He picked it up and held it for almost a year in what was called his portfolio. You know, they’d pick songs out for Elvis and when he’d go in to record, he’d review them, and if he liked it, he’d do it. So anyway, he recorded it, and it was by far the biggest thing that had ever happened to me in my life.”

And get this, Daniels never met Elvis Presley. However, he did meet his daughter Lisa Marie.

Daniels wasn’t only a talent singer and musician, he has songwriting skills, too.