On This Day: George Strait Earns 40th Number 1 Hit in 2006

by Katie Maloney

15 years ago today, country legend George Strait tied the record for the most number one hit songs with his single, “She Let Herself Go.”

Undoubtedly, George Strait was familiar with how it feels to release a number one hit song by the time he recorded “She Let Herself Go.” However, this song was a little different. “She Let Herself Go,” marked Strait’s 40th career number-one hit song. When the song rose to the top of the charts, Strait officially tied Conway Twitty for the record of most number-one songs on that chart. Twitty set the record in 1986 with his 40th number one single, “Desperado Love.” However, the song was actually only Twitty’s 35th solo chart-topper. Five of his number one songs were duets with Loretta Lynn.

“She Let Herself Go” is a clever play on words about a woman who “lets herself go” after her husband leaves her. With newfound freedom, she lets herself go on all the adventures she always dreamed of. Strait sings, “She let herself go on a singles cruise. To Vegas once, then to Honolulu. Let herself go to New York City. A week at the Spa, came back knocked-out pretty. When he said he didn’t love her no more, she let herself go.”

George Strait’s “Let Herself Go”

George Strait Breaks Conway Twitty’s Record For Hit Songs

In total, “She Let Herself Go,” spent 24 weeks on the Hot Country Songs chart. It took Strait 24 years to accumulate those 40 number one hits songs. It all began with his chart-topping 1982 hit, “Fool Hearted Memory.” Strait quickly broke his and Twitty’s 40 number one hits record in 2006. His song, “Give It Away” became his 41st number one song.

Currently, the Country King has amassed 44 Billboard number one hits over the course of his 33-year recording career. And at only 68 years old, it doesn’t look like Strait is slowing down any time soon. In fact, he recently announced his collaboration with TikTok. In celebration of the anniversary of his song, “Amarillo By Morning,” Strait is hosting the Amarillo By Morning TikTok Challenge. Fans can record a video on TikTok using the “Amarillo By Morning” sound and then tag Strait in the video. The winner’s video will be shared on George Strait’s TikTok page. With over 450,000 followers and 1.1 million likes, Strait’s page could prove to offer some much-needed exposure for an aspiring musician. Anyone looking to enter must submit their videos by January 31st.