On This Day: Glen Campbell Releases His Final Album ‘Adios’ in 2017

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Adios, Glen Campbell. It’s been four years since the late country legend released what would be the final album of his career. Dropping on June 9, 2017, Adios proved to be a tender and poignant swansong to one of the genre’s biggest voices.

For many fans, it’s hard to listen to Adios without some tissues nearby. Many artists don’t know whether one album to the next will be their last. But Campbell designed Adios as a farewell to the fans that supported him over the decades. He also bid farewell to the music he loved as well. At the time, Campbell battled Alzheimer’s disease and knew he didn’t have long.

Campbell recorded the album at Station West in Nashville. It featured 12-tracks in total including the titular “Adios,” “Everybody’s Talkin’,” and “It Won’t Bring Her Back.”

Glen’s wife Kim commented on why Campbell decided to craft one last album. It all had to do with the love of music.

She said, “A new Glen Campbell album coming out in 2017 might seem a bit odd since he hasn’t performed since 2012, and even more odd – if not absolutely amazing – when you consider that he has Alzheimer’s disease. Glen’s abilities to play, sing and remember songs began to rapidly decline after his diagnosis in 2011. A feeling of urgency grew to get him into the studio once again to capture what magic was left. It was now or never.”

Glen Campbell Tugged at the Heartstrings

But outside of “Adios,” three of the album’s most powerful songs have to be “Postcard from Paris,” “Am I All Alone (Or Is It Only Me),” and “Funny How Time Slips Away.”

Campbell returned to “Postcard from Paris” and he brought some company this time. Campbell sang the tune with his children Cal, Shannon, and Ashley. What makes the song so powerful was the finality of it. The tune was one of the last times Campbell’s children got to sing and spend time with their father.

Likewise, Willie Nelson returned to see his old pal off. Both Nelson and Campbell performed a haunting rendition of “Funny How Time Slips Away.” While Nelson may have recorded the song in 1968, the tune took on new meaning as the two bid farewell in song form. Likewise, Campbell struggled with losing memories and having them all slip away.

Campbell reckoned with growing older and succumbing to an illness that robbed both his talent and moments of his life. The song “Am I Alone (Or Is It Only Me” feels like a testament to all that Campbell endured and his strength up until the very end. The country legend ended up passing away a few short months later in August.