On This Day: Miranda Lambert Releases #1 Hit ‘Heart Like Mine’ in 2011

by Kayla Zadel

Miranda Lambert found success early on in the world of country music. The Oklahoman got her start on the reality singing show Nashville Star. Though Lambert didn’t win the show, she met the right people that helped catapult her career.

This collaborated effort between the “Bluebird” singer and Travis Howard scored a spot at No. 1. Furthermore, it’s Howard’s and Lambert’s first chart-topper together.

Travis Howard was a fellow contestant on the talent show, and played a major part in Lambert’s second No. 1 single, “Heart Like Mine.”

Lambert also teamed up with Ashley Monroe to co-write this 2011 hit.

How Miranda Lambert’s Hit Song Became to Be

Lambert and Monroe went up to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a little girls getaway and to write songs.

“Ashley and I went up to Dollywood and spent the night in a cabin for a couple of days to just write and hang out and have some girl time,” Miranda says.” Some people might get mad about the lyrics but I grew up in church, and I’ve been a Christian my whole life. I feel that there are so many judgmental attitudes out there and this song is autobiographical in a way because I’ve definitely had my share of being judged. I’m playing a character a little bit in every song.”

The singer-songwriters started “Heart Like Mine” but got stuck on the chorus. They took the song to Howard and “challenged” him to write a portion of the tune.

Howard and Lambert didn’t always see eye to eye. However, they were able to put their differences aside to write. “We fought like the Hatfields and McCoys, but we were both just drawn to each other’s interests and writing style,” Howard says.

“The Lamberts used to do a family river float every summer in South Texas, and I always went,” he explained to The Boot. “One afternoon between drinking and floating, [Miranda and Ashley] came out of a cabin and said, ‘Hey, we started this song but we can’t find a good way through the chorus.'” The songwriter recalls Lambert saying, “Great, we each wrote a verse, so the last one and the bridge are on you.”

Howard took them up on the dare and finished the song that’s on Lambert’s Revolution album.

Lambert Shares What the Song Means to Her

Additionally, Lambert explains the meaning of the song from her point of view. During the early part of her career, she was criticized and judged by many.

“That’s a look into my world. Just being a real person, there’s no place for judgment,” the singer-songwriter says. “I grew up in church, and my mom always says I cut my teeth on a church pew [laughs], but I have also been judged a lot, and probably judged a lot myself. But I feel like there’s nobody to do that except for that man upstairs, so this song’s really about embracing who you are and knowing that, no matter what, somebody loves you without condition.”

Moreover, Miranda Lambert and Howard also wrote three songs for Lambert’s first album, Kerosene. Then they produced six tracks on her second album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It includes the fiery track on the Top 15 single “Famous in a Small Town.”