On This Day: Tim McGraw Releases ‘Last Dollar (Fly Away)’ in 2007

by Katie Maloney

Fourteen years ago today, country music superstar, Tim McGraw, released his hit song, “Last Dollar.”

McGraw is currently married to fellow country music icon, Faith Hill. Together, they have three children and live in a beautiful home. It’s a life most people dream about. However, this lifestyle wasn’t always the one McGraw lived. Just like every other up-and-coming musician, McGraw struggled at times. It wasn’t until he started releasing hit songs including “Indian Outlaw,” “Just To See You Smile,” and “Last Dollar” that his luck started to change.

The song is about a man who stays upbeat despite having nothing left but a dollar. During the song, he sings, “When I’m down to my last dollar I walk right through my shoes. Just a small reminder of the hell that I’ve gone through. But look at me still smiling ’cause I’m wondering what I’ll do. Since I ain’t got nothing, I got nothing to lose.”

Tim McGraw’s “Last Dollar (Fly Away)”

Tim McGraw’s ‘Last Dollar’ Is About His Friend’s Life

Kenny Alphin (Big Kenny) of Big & Rich wrote this song which his friend, McGraw, later recorded. The song is actually about Alphin’s own life during a time when he was struggling financially. Alphin was about to open the “Alabama Farewell Tour” in 2002. At the time, he only had $200 to his name. Alphin decided that there was only one way for him to be able to cover all of his expenses and that was to win big at a blackjack table. First, he won close to $1,000, but eventually, he lost everything except $21. Kindly, he gave the dealer a $20 tip which left him with only one dollar to his name.

Alphin said, “That night as I looked down at the sole breaking off of my shoe it hit me like a ton of bricks. But with that realization came the freedom of knowing that I also had nothing to lose.”

The risk certainly paid off. “Last Dollar (Fly Away)” spent five weeks on the charts peaking in the number four spot.