On This Day: Travis Tritt Releases 1st No. 1 Single ‘Help Me Hold On’ in 1990

by Katie Maloney

Thirty-one years ago today, country icon Travis Tritt released his first number one song.

“Help Me Hold On” was the second single from Tritt’s debut album, Country Club. The song is a plea to an upset lover to stay and work things out. During the song, Travis sings, “I realize I took your love for granted. But I’ve learned that love worth having don’t come free. And I’ll pay any price it takes to keep you satisfied and staying here with me…Help me hold on.”

Travis wrote the song along with his friend Pat Terry. The song spent 26 weeks on the Hot Country Songs chart and peaked in the number one spot making this his first number one hit song. Since then, the country star has released seven albums certified Platinum or higher, and five number one hit songs. Additionally, Travis has taken home two Grammy Awards. Undoubtedly, he’s found his place in country music.

Travis Tritt’s “Help Me Hold On”

Travis Tritt On Country Music “Stand Up For It At All Costs”

Many people are excited about the different directions country music has taken over the years. Colt Ford has combined country music and hip hop influences in his songs. Florida Georgia Line mixes country with party rock. Beyoncé even performed with The Chicks during the CMAs in 2016. Some believe the collaborations are bringing country music to audiences who are otherwise unfamiliar with country music. Therefore, expanding the country music genre. Others believe that’s the whole problem. Travis believes in the latter. He says that bringing country music in forms other than “honest to God country” is depriving younger generations of understanding the roots of country music. During an interview, Travis explained his stance.

“I love honest to God country music and feel the need to stand up for it at all costs,” said Tritt. “I’m not a huge fan of the direction country music has taken in the last few years. We seem to have left out a lot of what influenced us to start with.”

Tritt said that he’d prefer if up-and-coming country performers take their influences from legends like George Jones, Conway Twitty, and Emmylou Harris.

“Those people, that’s what I consider to be real country music and you don’t hear as much of that these days as I would like to,” Travis said.

In conclusion, don’t expect Travis Tritt to team up with a pop star anytime soon.

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