This New Pic of George Strait on Horseback Needs to Be Put in the Cowboy Hall of Fame Immediately

by Jonathan Howard

No one knows how to ride into the weekend better than George Strait. He is becoming known for his pre-weekend pictures. Usually, he is seen riding on horseback or doing other cowboy things.

This latest picture is another example of his cowboy credentials. There are few that are more real than the King of Country. Just check him out riding on this red dun horse. Just a great picture and it looks like he had a great time whenever it was taken however long ago.

These pictures are always great to see. The more unreleased George Strait pictures, videos, and more, the better. Fans love them and go crazy in the replies all the time. One user had a great anecdote about how the photo made her feel.

“Thank you I just read my favorite Texas Author passed in March,” Helen McKenzie said. “This picture made me have happy sad tears! Thank you GHS! For years of excellence and Love for your faithful family!”

Another user, Brenny said, “What a beautiful photo and such a lovely horse there is nothing like a man [and] his horse George this is excellent thank you for sharing.”

He quotes his great 2001 song, Run, in the post. “Baby, run, cut a path across the blue skies.” Just a great song for a nice, cool Friday night. As the weekend approaches maybe we all need to slow down a bit and listen to some George Strait.

George Strait Celebrates a Pair of Anniversaries

To end the month of September, George Strait celebrated a couple of anniversaries. With a catalog the size of his, there are a lot of anniversaries. However, the last two are pretty notable. On September 26, we all thought back to Fort Worth.

37 years ago, Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind entered the country music world. What a wonderful, classic song. Not only did the record go platinum in the United States, but it also had a few singles climb the charts as well. The King didn’t write any of the songs on the album but took them to heights only he could manage to do.

Then, it was back in 1993 on September 28 when George Strait released Easy Come, Easy Go. The 10-track album had success on the charts. At this point, he already had 13 albums and was solidifying his legacy as the King of Country.

The title track made it to the top of the charts with three other songs making the top-8 on the charts. That includes a cover of George Jones’ Lovebug. As an album, it made it to No. 2 on the charts. Absolutely a classic album that doesn’t get the love it probably deserves in recent years.