This Whiskey Myers ‘Broken Window Serenade’ Acoustic Performance Is Absolutely Flawless

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

The difference between a good song and a great song is how well it ages. There have been plenty of chart-toppers that had a ton of buzz for a month or so and went away. Then again, there are songs like “House of the Rising Sun,” “Smoke on the Water,” “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” and plenty more that are timeless. We still talk about them decades later. I think the fellas in Whiskey Myers have one of those songs in “Broken Window Serenade.”

Whiskey Myers Tapped into Something Timeless with “Broken Window Serenade”

For one, the subject matter of the song is, unfortunately, timeless. It’s a story of love, loss, and addiction. Substance abuse and addiction kill hundreds of people every day and that trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping. At the same time, love and heartache are as old and constant as humanity. So, you could say that Whiskey Myers tapped into something timeless when they penned “Broken Window Serenade.”

More than that, though, the song has been out for over a decade and it’s still touching hearts, causing chills, and making the eyes of grown men wet. Whiskey Myers posted this video of Cody Cannon and Cody Tate doing an acoustic rendition of “Broken Window Serenade” ahead of the release of Firewater back in 2011. Today, people are still leaving comments talking about how much the song means to them. Check it out below.

Before the Codies of Whiskey Myers break into “Broken Window Serenade” Cannon explains what the song is about. “I wrote this song about a guy who was in love with a girl growing up. It kinda just goes through her life and stuff she had to deal with and she actually ends up dying of amphetamine abuse. It kinda explains the area we’re from really good.”  He doesn’t come out and say it, but this is a story he’s probably watched unfold more than once.

The Magic of Acoustic Performances

Whiskey Myers released “Broken Windo Serenade” on Firewater and it’s a damn good song. However, there’s something about an acoustic performance that allows a song to breathe a little more. In this case, it allows a little more raw emotion to flow through Cannon’s vocals. At the same time, the harmonica sounds a little more mournful without a full band behind it. When Cody Tate comes in with those clean acoustic leads, they pop a little harder than they do in the album version.

As with most acoustic performances of great songs, there’s a little more rawness here. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s no production to take away from Cannon’s emotional vocal delivery. On the other hand, it might be that the stripped-down arrangement lets the listener focus more on the lyrics. Who knows? The point is that Whiskey Myers have a killer song in “Broken Window Serenade” and this acoustic rendition is proof of that.

We can all hope for a day when this one isn’t as relevant as it was over a decade ago. Until then, this song and others like it will be there to get us through the hard times.