Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren Akins Share Parenting Tips with Reba McEntire

by Madison Miller

Parenting during quarantine certainly hasn’t made things any easier for parents. Reba McEntire, on her podcast “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire,” had Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins on her podcast to talk all things parenting.

The country music artist and his wife are known for their long-term relationship and their three girls.

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Parenting in Quarantine

Rhett said in the podcast that he must have seen both “Frozen” and “Moana” at least 3,000 times each now.

All three of their daughters are crazy about all things Disney, so to keep them entertained, Disney movies are frequently playing. Rhett, however, even admitted to starting to like sitting to watch these movies despite all the times it’s been on.

Rhett also lets the girls paint his toenails when they’re sitting watching a movie.

When the pandemic happened the duo moved into a house with quite the crowd. It included Akins’ parents, her best friend, as well as some other adult figures. That, mixed with a newborn baby and two rambunctious toddlers, made for quite the household.

However, having all the other people in the house has been helpful for watching the kids. Their oldest daughter, Willa Gray, has become quite the helper as well.

Their youngest girl, Lennon, is obsessed with her. That means the oldest sister is often helping to feed her and pick out her outfits or do anything else to help out.

Rhett Versus Akins Parenting Styles

When it comes to parenting styles, the two claim they are kind of different.

“I’m pretty strict when it comes to manners and being kind to siblings, parents, and all others. Other than that as far as nap times, bedtimes, germs, what clothes they’re wearing germs … I’m so laid back probably to a fault,” Akins said.

On the other hand, Rhett said he can be pretty over-the-top about cleaning and keeping to a schedule.

“I’m on the other side of the spectrum. I have to stick to a schedule. If nap time is at 12:45 then we have to be up there by 12:30 otherwise the schedule is ruined,” Rhett said.

He said a large part of that seems to have happened during the quarantine. Rhett said he hasn’t always been like that and he wasn’t raised that way either.

Do They Mimic Their Parents’ Parenting?

For many new parents, it’s either copying how they were raised or making a completely different pattern altogether.

For Rhett and Akins they say they fall somewhere in the middle.

“Yeah. My dad was fairly strict … Both my parents are really, they’re goofy, they’re just, they love life and love adventure. And so I think I pull that from both my parents and I try to make things adventurous and fun and not take life too seriously, because it just, it’s not worth it. But, like I said I feel like we are pretty strict about how our kids speak to people and treat each other. And we’re big on being kind and using kind words. Especially, now,” Akins said.

However, the grandparents have become more free-spirited than ever before now that they must maintain the lovable, cool status to their grandkids.

“I feel like our parents were both like, ‘Why don’t y’all just let ‘em eat ice cream? You know, at 10 o’clock at night?’ And we’re sitting there going ‘Because you don’t have to put ‘em to bed,'” Rhett said.

The couple will be on “CMA Country Christmas” Nov. 30 at 9/8 c on ABC.