Thomas Rhett Announces Concert Plans for 2022: ‘Been Waiting for This Announcement for Way Too Long’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Country superstar Thomas Rhett announces on his Twitter page that he is officially set to return to the Stagecoach Festival in 2022. 

“Been waiting for this announcement for WAY too long,” Thomas Rhett declares in his post. He then states the Stagecoach Festival will return in April 2022. Tickets are set to go on sale for next year’s event this Friday. The event will take place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. 

Other country artists that will be performing at the 2022 Stagecoach festival include Carrie Underwood, Lee Brice, Cody Johnson, and Luke Combs. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, both Stagecoach and Coachella were canceled in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both events were notably supposed to be considered as a “redo” for 2020’s canceled events. The 2020 shows were originally postponed to last October and then pushed to April 2021. The lineup for Stagecoach included Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood, and Eric Church.  

Thomas Rhett Discusses Changes In His Music Over The Years

During an interview with Lyric Magazine, Thomas Rhett shared details about the “shift” in his music, which began in 2019. “There were just certain things in my life that I care about so heavily for the last decade. I don’t want to say I didn’t care about anymore, but I cared way less about them,” Thomas explains. 

“The music just started to kind of shift into something that like I was trying to do when I was younger, but I hadn’t lived enough life yet,” Thomas Rhett explains.

Thomas then says he has been nostalgic in his music, but he believes that there are 11 songs that he feels are just so much more aligned with what he was doing back when he started out in the music business. “Like back in the day when I was listening to nothing but Eric Church.”

Thomas Rhett Reflects On Singing With His Dad When He Was Younger 

Thomas Rhett also reflects on singing with his dad, Rhett Adkins, when he was younger. “By the time I was four years old, there wasn’t really a song on the radio that I did not know all the words to,” Thomas states.

Thomas Rhett says the only thing he wanted to do is sit in the living room and have his father play every country song on the radio. Thomas then says, “It’s been pretty wild. It was kind of destined. Maybe not for me to do exactly what I’m doing now. But I think I would have always done something in music.”

Thomas Rhett Talks Family Karaoke Time 

In regards to musical activities with his family, Thomas Rhett shares more details about his family’s karaoke time.

“First of all, the songs that we’re singing are not what’s on the radio right now. We’re singing the ‘Moana’ soundtrack,” Rhett declares. He then goes on to add that he and his wife, Lauren Akins, bought his daughters Willa Gray and Ada James a karaoke machine last year with nothing but Disney songs.