Thomas Rhett Announces New Song With His Dad Rhett Akins in Honor of Father’s Day

by Amy Myers

In a recent Twitter post, country star Thomas Rhett reported to fans that he announced the release date of his new song next to his own dad on the Grand Old Opry stage in Nashville, Tenn. “Things Dads Do” will be available on Father’s Day as a tribute to dads everywhere, including his own.

Thomas Rhett’s Inspiration Derives From Dad

Thomas Rhett isn’t shy when it comes to his father’s impact on his career. Rhett Atkins, a singer-songwriter himself, is most known for his top songs like “That Ain’t My Truck” and “Don’t Get Me Started.” A Georgia native, Atkins released his first album, A Thousand Memories, in 1995—five years after his son was born.

Because of his father’s passion for country music, Rhett quickly realized he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.

In an interview with host Kelleigh Bannen of Apple’s “Today’s Country Radio,” Rhett explained, “That’s all I wanted to do was sit in the living room and have Dad play every country song on the radio so that me and him can sing them. It’s been pretty wild. It was kind of destined, maybe not for me to do exactly what I’m doing now, but I think I would have always done something in music because it was just so part of my childhood and so part of my dad’s history.”

‘Things Dads Do’

Now an established country star himself, Thomas Rhett is paying tribute to the pathway his father laid for him. His new song, “Things Dads Do,” focuses on the loving things a father does for his kids, though they may not appreciate it when they’re young.

“He won’t let you quit your football team
Or hang with the kid who lives down the street
‘Cause he heard he smokes dope and got holes in his jeans
Lookin’ back he was right, I guess.”

By the third verse, the lyrics shift once the son becomes a father himself and begins doing the same things his father did.

“Sit in the waitin’ room chewing Red Man
‘Till the doctor comes out and says y’all come on in
He’ll say she looks perfect then and shake your hand and say now you’ll understand
Things dads do.”

Though Thomas Rhett’s new song applies to almost all fathers and sons, he pulls from his own life, too. Lyrics like “And out of the blue without asking to show up he’ll give you advice about your career” directly speak to Rhett’s relationship with his fellow country star dad.

The last lines of the song reference Rhett’s own experiences with fatherhood, as he talks about his three children and how he’s adopted his father’s perspective with his own family.

Rhett Reveals What Kind of Father He’ll Be in the Future

The father of three young daughters, Thomas Rhett has thought about how he’ll be once his girls begin dating. He’s even written a song about it, called “To the Guy That Dates My Girls.”

According to TODAY, the topic first came up when a buddy began talking about his 15-year-old daughter. “I think I would like to say that I would be like the tough dad but I’m probably gonna be a softie,” Rhett admitted. “Like ‘Come in, come in, have some coffee, tell me about your life.'”

His oldest daughter, Willa, is just five and his youngest, Lennon, turned one year old in February. Fortunately for Rhett, he has time to prepare for that feat of fatherhood.