Thomas Rhett Dishes on ‘Really Intense’ Family Christmas Traditions

by Halle Ames

Thomas Rhett and his family are the definition of family Christmas goals. Even back in early November, they were already sporting matching pajamas while piling on the couch like sardines to watch Santa Claus for the “first of many times this year.” Well, now the country music star and family man gets into the nitty-gritty as he spills his “really intense” Christmas traditions.

This year was extra special for his family. Earlier this year, Rhett’s wife, Lauren gave birth to the family’s third girl, Lennon Love. She joins older sisters Willa Gray and Ada James as Thomas Rhett becomes even more outnumbered. Buckle up, Thomas, that’s a lot of weddings to prepare for.

Thomas Rhett Family Traditions

Rhett admits that his family loves the season, but how far are they willing to go? To start, Thomas Rhett says his TV stays on one channel all season long.

“It is really intense. It stays on — it’s not ABC Family anymore — but it stays on Freeform, and I swear it’s nothing but Elf 20 times in December and all the Harry Potter movies and the old school Rudolph,” Rhett said to his label, Big Machine.

As for the tree, the most essential Christmas icon in the house, the Rhett family doesn’t fall short.

“We get the biggest tree — I mean, sometimes it hits our ceiling and bends. We’re like the Griswolds. “

The family even has a huge party to celebrate. But what’s a party without a ton of adults in the ugliest Christmas sweaters on the market?

“Lauren loves it, and we always have an ugly Christmas sweater party every year, and we invite 100 of our friends over, and it’s always a really good time,” Rhett shares. “We love Christmas!”

Our sweater is on backorder right now, so we’ll just have to get creative when we get the invitation. Any day now.