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Thomas Rhett Dons an Entire Braves Uniform and Looks Like Dansby Swanson’s Twin

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images)

Thomas Rhett will be at the Braves game at 3 p.m. on Friday, and we’re not sure if fans will be able to tell the country star apart from their shortstop Dansby Swanson. Rhett shared a photo of himself dressed head-to-toe in Atlanta gear on Thursday. Minus the bushier beard, the country singer is almost identical to Swanson from their long brown hair to their trim physiques. Rhett could even sub in for the baseball star and probably get away with it.

Take a look at Thomas Rhett’s photo below.

Get a good look? Okay, now look at Rhett’s long-lost twin, Swanson.

Pretty darn similar, right?

But here’s the kicker (or should we say pitcher). Thomas Rhett resembles yet another Braves team member, pitcher Ian Anderson. That makes one country star and two doppelgängers on the same team. What are the chances?? The three could easily pull off a Parent Trap situation and trade places for a while. After all, Rhett’s pitched at plenty of MLB games already. Perhaps Anderson wants to try out his vocals on stage.

Here’s a photo of the star pitcher:

Scary, right?

Fans of the Thomas Rhett, too, found the comparison uncanny and took to the comments to express their surprise.

“Who ordered a extra small Dansby,” one fan wrote.

“Dansby? That’s clearly Ian Anderson after a month-long bender,” another argued.

One person even theorized that Rhett and Anderson are the same person.

“Told ya….. Rhett and Anderson are never in the same room #twinsies. Like toby Keith and Freddie freeman,” the fan said.

Thomas Rhett Shares Adorable Video of a Much Smaller Look-Alike

Not all of Thomas Rhett’s lookalikes are baseball stars, though. Recently, the country star posted an adorable video of his 20-month-old daughter playing with a bag of colorful blocks. The blond, curly-haired cutie is the perfect mix of her parent’s traits, and she clearly has her father’s sense of mischief.

In the clip, the messy-haired toddler in rainbow pajamas reached for her backpack full of pastel building blocks. Instead of just taking out a couple to play with though, little Lenny Love decided to dump the entire bag onto the floor. Whether she’ll actually use all of the blocks is anyone’s guess. But the important part to her was that the toys were out of the bag.

“Why is this so satisfying to a one-year-old?? I wish toy companies only made things with 10 pieces or less. Anyone else?!” Thomas Rhett asked his fans.

Of course, Rhett relished the sweet moment with his youngest daughter in the short time before the arrival of his fourth child with his wife, Laura Akins. The couple will be having yet another girl, making her the fourth daughter for the country star.