Thomas Rhett Drops Epic Pool Vibes Pic Teasing New Collaboration

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

On Tuesday (August 24th) country singer-songwriter, Thomas Rhett, took to his social media accounts to share a snapshot of him enjoying time by a pool and teasing a new collaboration with Surfaces.

In the post, Thomas Rhett writes “9/3” and tags Surfaces. Rhett is seen sitting poolside with the Surface bandmates, Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki. 

Along with the snapshot with the Surfaces bandmates, Thomas Rhett also shared on his accounts a pic of his American Songwriters cover. “Thanks @americansongwriter for the cover! Y’all can get a sneak peek of the September/October 2021 issue.”

Thomas Rhett Takes a Look Back On His Music Career 

In a recent interview with Billboard, Thomas Rhett reflects on his music career. “I’ve made a living throwing curveballs. I remember when I put p2015’s pop/R&B-learning] ‘Crash and Burn’ out. I thought, ‘This song could potentially crash and burn on the radio.’ and then it didn’t. It carved out a lane for me.”

Thomas Rhett also explained that people have asked him how he feels about kind of moving backward with his career. “I don’t really look at it as moving backwards. I look at this is a progression too. This is the last thing a lot of country fans expected from me. It was just truly where I was when I was writing the album.”

The country singer ended up shifting back into the traditional country sound in 2019 while he was on his Very Hot Summer Tour. “The last tour we did before everything shut down – and I literally woke up one day and just started to care less about a  lot of things I cared a lot about previously,” Thomas Rhett recalled. He also said that didn’t have the same weight hat he used to of things he thought were really important. 

“There was a part of me that really just wants to write with just a guitar from now, and write on the piano. Get to write with my dad [Rhett Akins] a whole lot more again,” Thomas Rhett declared.

Thomas Rhett Talks Single ‘To the Guys That Date My Girls’ 

Also during his interview with Billboard, Thomas Rhett talked about one of his new singles “The the Guys That Date My Girls.” He co-wrote the song with his dad, Will Bundy, and Josh Thompson. 

“The whole idea stemmed from a conversation I had with a buddy in Nashville,” Thomas Rhett reflected. “He’s got a daughter I’ve got three of them. And we were just talking about what that moment would be like when somebody does come over to the house to pick them up and take them out.”

Thomas Rhett does admit that while parents think they have 100 years before something like that happens, it’s actually sooner than they think. “It’s weird writing a letter to someone you’ve never met before. ‘Hey, this might be a date for you, but this is my whole world right here. So treat her right. Treat her with respect.’”