Thomas Rhett Drops New Pics From ‘First Timber Hunt’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Thomas Rhett spent part of December on a leisurely hunt for ducks and other water fowl.

We know this because he posted several photos Wednesday on his Instagram account. Thankfully, he ended his self-imposed break from Instagram earlier this week. He captioned the photo “First timber hunt a couple weeks ago.” His tags indicated he was hunting and taking photographs in Arkansas.

The photos are of Rhett decked out in hunting gear and the singer taking a photo using a camera with a long lens. He capped it off with a picture of him playing a guitar as he sat by a campfire.

Check it out. Then we’ll tell you some more about a previous Thomas Rhett duck hunting trip.

This Time a Year Ago, Riley Green Made Fun Of Thomas Rhett And His Hunting Skills

A year ago, Thomas Rhett and label mate Riley Green were hunting in Arkansas. In Rhett’s Instagram stories, he talked of a new song Riley had written. It seems the song was poking fun at Rhett’s hunting skills.

Riley sang:

“I’m here with Thomas Rhett just hanging at the lodge. Hope tomorrow he doesn’t wear orange camouflage.

“He doesn’t realize that deer aren’t color-blind. Think we’ll leave him back in the duck blind.”

Riley also went hunting in Arkansas a couple of weeks ago, but’s unclear if he was hanging out with Rhett.

Thomas Rhett Ended Social Media Hiatus Earlier This Week

We do know that Thomas Rhett did end his own social media exile this week. Earlier this month, Rhett wrote on his Instagram story: “Gonna hop-off Instagram for a little while. Too much negativity on an app I spend too much time on. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday. Much love, TR.”

Rhett loves to post photos of his wife and three daughters, Lennon Love, Willa Gray and Ada James. Outsider also recently detailed the causes Rhett has amplified using his social media accounts. The Good Hands challenge was one of them.

Rhett wrote: “Thanks @kirkherbstreit for challenging me in the @Allstate #GoodHandsChallenge,” Rhett posted to Instagram last month. “I was a champion at this in high school, and now I get to use those finely-tuned skills to give back! And you can too! Just film yourself flicking your own paper football through some uprights and challenging one of your friends, then share your video using #GoodHandsChallenge. For every flick, @Allstate will donate $10 towards college scholarships. So start challenging your friends now! I challenge @DierksBentley. You’re up, buddy! Let’s see what you got!” 

We’ll leave you with some a good Thomas Rhett tune.