Thomas Rhett Explains How New Tequila Brand ‘Dos Primos’ Fits in His ‘Country Lifestyle’

by Keeli Parkey

Thomas Rhett now includes himself among the ranks of celebrities connected with alcohol brands. The country star recently introduced his ultra-premium tequila brand, Dos Primos. And, he says, it is a drink that fits his “country lifestyle.”

Rhett spent years crafting the brand alongside his cousin, Jeff Worn. The name Dos Primos translates to “two cousins.” Worn is the president and CEO of the South Georgia Pecan Company.

Dos Primos tequila is made from 100 percent blue agave. The agave comes from Los Altos and valley areas in Jalisco, Mexico. The flavor of Dos Primos has “earthy herbal notes on the front palate, followed by smooth floral and citrus hints.” The company opened in 2019. Tequila fans should expect 750 ml bottles of the product to be available during January.

Thomas Rhett Says He Prefers Tequila Over Beer, Whiskey

Thomas Rhett recently talked to Rolling Stone about Dos Primos and how it fits with who he is.

“… I have always been a beer and whiskey guy. It wasn’t until after I started drinking tequila that I found myself wanting to drink tequila in situations [where] I would have normally grabbed a beer or a glass of bourbon,” Rhett told Rolling Stone. “… I’ve always associated bourbon with the outdoors or around a bonfire with friends, but now tequila is my go-to. I think I always associated tequila with a beach, and I still do, but now my views are different on the spirit. I think there are tons of country fans, and just people in general, that associate tequila with a shot or bad experience. To that I would say, you haven’t tried Dos Primos yet.”

Making a high-quality tequila is very similar to producing music, according to Rhett.

“In many ways, I think music and tequila making are similar,” he said. “It takes agave anywhere from five to nine years to grow, then it’s up to the jimador to decide if the agave is ready to be made into tequila or not. It’s the same with music: many songs I write that end up making records take two or three years to be perfected, [and] then you hope people like them.”

Dos Primos also represents values Thomas Rhett holds dear.

“For us specifically, Dos Primos represents the spirit of the outdoors, enjoyed any time of year,” he said. “In all, I think Dos Primos offers a sense of home and family, which I think is something that stands out as unique.”

Rhett Shares New Music

In addition to his new tequila brand, Thomas Rhett has also been working on new music. Earlier this month, he posted a clip of the new song “Where We Grew Up” on TikTok. The song celebrates rural life and having a quiet childhood.

Per Pop Culture, the chorus goes: “Home country music, baseball diamonds, finding us a fishing hole / Them Sunday morning sermons, tailgate learning, sipping’ something cold,” he sang. “They born and raised us on faith, hope and love / And they dang sure, and I’m dang sure proud of where we grew up.” 

Fans can expect Rhett to release his next album later this year. The first single, “What’s Your Country Song?” has already been released.