Thomas Rhett Explains the Time He Hooked Himself While Fishing, and Why Miller Lite Helped

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Country music star Thomas Rhett experienced a little karma earlier this year when he accidentally hooked himself while fly fishing. It was nothing a few Miller Lites couldn’t help fix, however.

The “What’s Your Country Song” singer experienced a fishing mishap during his family’s Colorado vacation back in August. In addition to catching a few fish, Rhett also hooked himself on accident. Per Big Machine Label Group, the country star said that after having a few adult beverages, one of his casts went awry.

“Well, I’d had three or four Miller Lights, let’s just preface it with that,” Rhett explains. “I was trying to cast into the wind, and I’m not a super-experienced fly fisherman and so when I casted back and went forward, the wind took it and just whipped it right into the back of my leg. “

Rhett even took to social media to let his fans know about his fishing misadventures.

Thomas Rhett Asked His Wife Lauren Akins What To Do

Following Rhett accidentally hooking himself in a hilarious fishing fail, he went to his wife Lauren for answers. She let her husband know that he was going to have to pull the hook out of his leg. Luckily enough for him, he had consumed a few Miller Lites prior to the mishap.

“I started limping over to my wife and I was like, ‘So what do I need to do?,'” Rhett said. “She’s like, ‘You’re gonna have to push it through the other side.’ And I was like, ‘This is gonna be terrible.’ But thank you for Miller Lite because I think it would have been a lot more painful without it. “

Rhett goes on to explain that his bad experience may be some overdue karma. As just a little kid learning to fish, he mistakenly hooked his grandfather in the neck with a treble hook.

“I honestly think it’s payback cause my grandfather was the one that taught me how to fish – and there was one time when I was about nine years old that I slung my rod back and I hooked him right in the neck with a treble hook,” Rhett said. “I watched a doctor pull it out, and so when I hooked myself right in the back of the leg, I looked at the sky and said, ‘God, I deserve every bit of this.'”